Yoga at home: 7 tips for your own practice

For years I tried to integrate yoga into my daily morning routine. At first quite unsuccessful. Vague tips like “practice regularly!” Or “The most important thing for progress is practicing yoga at home!” Did not help either. That’s why I’ve tried different things over time and meanwhile the domestic dates with my yoga mat are increasing.

If you also want to save yourself the way to the studio more often, are the tangible tips for more yoga at home maybe just the thing for you.

1. Find a nice yoga place.

Of course it is ideal if you find a corner in your apartment where you can set up a permanent yoga place. Maybe it helps, for example, to move the couch a bit or to clear out the old dresser and banish it to the cellar? If the space in your home does not allow for choices, a nice scented candle or good equipment will help you to get into the mood for yoga.

2. Roll out the mat in the evening.

It is said that it works best in the morning. Unfortunately, I’m one of the people who does not have it that way with the early bird. To the morning I want? Should not I? To avoid discussion, it is important for me to roll out the mat in the evening and get started immediately after getting up.

3. baby steps.

At too big a project one fails gladly. It is much easier if you do only a small amount of private practice. 15 to 20 minutes daily are enough. For example, watch a few minutes of breathing, three sun salutations, four simple (!) Asanas, and a few minutes of savasana. If then comes the need to expand the practice: Go for it!

4. Write down.

Before I start yoga at home, I write the sequence of asanas in a small, pretty book and place the notes next to the mat. That way, thinking about what’s next comes off and I can concentrate on the positions I’m doing right now. In the booklet is a colorful pot puree on yoga classes.

5. Personal Training.

If you are unsure which asanas fit together, treat yourself to a private lesson. A good yoga teacher can work with you to create a sequence that you can do anytime, anywhere.

6. Yoga at home from the band.

A high on the technology! In my circle of acquaintances, many swear by online yoga, eg by yogaglo  or yogaeasy . Since I already look at the computer all day anyway, I prefer audio yoga to the videos. For audio classes, it’s easy to browse itunes or ask Mityogis for recommendations. Personally, I like the instructions of teachers I personally know best. By the way, I still enjoy inspiring asana sequences in yoga videos – but not in practice.

7. Take it easy.

Last but not least: try to practice regularly, but if it does not work out, that’s fine too. Then continue the next day. At some point you will not be able to stand it without your morning practice anyway …

What tips can you add to the list?
What helps you to overcome the inner bastard?

I look forward to your comments.

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