We love Yoga: 7 reasons for a regular practice

Let’s be honest: Sometimes the whole yoga here annoys yoga there. Yoga, if practiced correctly, is a panacea, it seems. Nevertheless, I have fallen hopelessly in yoga. Because if I do it regularly on the mat, I’m fine.

So of course not everyone has to become a superyogi  , but why not try it?

Seven very common reasons per yoga: 

  • The butt gets tighter and the biceps stronger. I won. Most of us have found yoga for purely physical reasons. Even if the own crunch is not the main reason for the regular pilgrimage to the studio, so certainly no one has anything against the new Muckis.
  • Back pain is goodbye . It has been scientifically proven that yoga is good for the back. Logical, because the Asana practice strengthens both the back and the abdominal muscles, which are essential factors for a healthy back. I know many yogis who have got rid of chronic ailments with the help of yoga.
  • The joints do not rust.  I just say: stay supple! The older we get, the more immobile we become. This can be counteracted by regular stretching and moving. Incidentally, I also intend to hit somersaults at the age of 90 and make headstandings.
  • Yoga clears the mind. No matter if only ten minutes at home  or an XL class in the studio of trust. If you take  your time  for a few yoga exercises, treat yourself to a break from everyday life and do something good for yourself. In most cases, leaving the mat with a better mood than before practice.
  • Your own perception improves.  With regular yoga practice, not only the awareness of one’s own body and mind becomes sharper, but also the perception of the environment. One perceives invisible vibrations more easily and often becomes more sensitive to the sensitivities of others. In short, yoga helps to be more attentive to oneself and others.
  • Deep-seated tensions become more accessible. Also in the mental sense. When tensions on a physical level dissolve, often also a knot bursts in the head. We notice this, for example, when we seemingly start crying for no reason, or when memories suddenly come up in a certain position that has been slumbering unnoticed for years in a corner of the unconscious. This realization can be the first step to recovery. By the way, mindfulness techniques like yoga and meditation are successfully used in trauma therapy  .
  • You meet great people. Seriously, in recent years I’ve gotten to know a bunch of super laid-back people through yoga. I am now well-friends with some. Many yogis go through life with a certain basic openness that makes it easy to socialize. I like that.

There are a million more reasons for doing daily yoga exercises . While the one set the goal of enlightenment, the others are happy with a bubble butt. Both should have their right to exist.

Finally, a personal tip for yoga newbies: Practice with an experienced teacher. There is a lot going on in yoga, mentally and physically. The teacher must be able to catch this in case of doubt and make sure that you do not hurt yourself.

And now you: Why are you practicing yoga?


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