OM Chianti: May I drink alcohol as a yogi?

“Alcohol-free beer, really now?” My buddy from Munich’s eyes almost fall out of his head, as I order at the Indian around the corner of non-alcoholic beer. It is Sunday evening, I was the whole day at the lake and looking forward all the time to my beloved non-alcoholic. A little bit annoying me over the comment of my buddy. He likes to discuss with me all the clichés that exist about yogis – from veganism to colorful leggings to party behavior.

So I shut up, take a sip of my Heineken 0.0 and finish the question, “Do Yoga and Alcohol Match?” Finally answer in black and white.

On the one hand I would say: Of course, yogis are allowed to drink alcohol.  

The yoga practice finally serves the truth search and in vino veritas . I can confirm this from personal experience: A few glasses with my best friend have often enriched me with important findings and brought the truth a great deal closer. Closer than many a dog looking down on the non-slip yoga mat . 

In addition, most of these meetings talk about yoga so much that our wine evenings are definitely a satsang. Satsang, the “gathering together of people who seek the highest insight through common listening, speaking, contemplation and immersion in the teaching” (definition via wikipedia ), is considered one of the most important yogic practices and should lead very directly to enlightenment.

But you do not necessarily have to tweak the yoga philosophy to justify occasional wine evenings.

Yoga takes place in the middle of life. With everything that goes with it. 

What’s the point if we cut ourselves off behind Ashram -Mauern or yoga cliques to green smoothies and lentil soup worship nicely decorated altars? The beauty of yoga practice is that you can live the essence of teaching anywhere, anytime.

Of course, it is important to keep an inner view from time to time, to escape from everyday life and to immerse yourself in the yoga world.

The true spiritual growth, however, can be recognized by how well the insights gained can be transferred to daily life. Because the relationships with yourself and the world around you suddenly become more loving. That you can meet unknown ideas with more openness. It’s about making your heart softer – not about smoking, drinking alcohol or dancing.

Gerade den Luftikus-Yogis, deren Leben sich ausschließlich um die Praxis dreht, was man wann isst oder wo man übt, möchte ich bisweilen gerne einen Schnaps verordnen. Yoga kann so krampfig werden, ja eng machen statt frei und glücklich.

Auf der anderen Seite haben die strengen Yogis auch Recht: Schnaps auf Chaturanga ist keine gute Idee.

Have you ever visited a crunchy Asana class before a fat party? If not: let it stay! Or stay away from alcohol. Because he feels three times as strong.

Unfortunately, my research has failed to provide any satisfactory scientific results. My personal theory is that through regular yoga practice, we become finer and more aware of even small irritations in the body. Too much alcohol causes me to sleep very badly, to feel sick for several days – and I do not want to practice.

What we must not forget: Alcohol obscures the perception. 

And that’s exactly what you do not want as a yogi. The yoga practice should finally clarify the mind and help to feel yourself and the fullness in and around yourself. Breaking that down with too many drinks is simply counterproductive. Why then all the work?

How I solved the alcohol and yoga topic for myself.

Of course, I still like going out and treat myself to a drink from time to time. There is also a life beyond the yoga mat, which should not be neglected.

Nevertheless, the practice is better without alcohol. Point. Because alcohol robs you of the beautiful side effects of your yoga practice. On the other side of the mat, you also feel less in the flow and tend not to be so energetic. That’s a high price for me. That’s why I drink much less than before.

As a summer drink for mild nights, I discovered non-alcoholic beer for me.

Sugary sodas or juices have never been my thing. I’m just a Bavarian girl! So it is a blessing that non-alcoholic beers do not taste like 20 years ago at room temperature with grandma and grandpa at the dining table. On the contrary: At least since last summer is alcohol-free again socially acceptable and incredibly delicious.

Incidentally, I’m also a connoisseur, as far as the non-alcoholic beers. Since a box of the brand new Heineken 0.0 was sponsored, this is definitely one of my favorites. It tastes pleasantly spicy, fresh and has been brewed exclusively from natural ingredients. I hope it soon moves into the cool shelves of the late morning of my confidence.

Incidentally, I could not leave the comment of my buddy from Munich on me. He even convinced me to try a sip of my Heineken. Lo and behold, he had to retract his rash judgment and agree with me: non-alcoholic beer tastes good. And next week, he wants to yoga with me. That will probably look like this …

OM Shanti and Cheers!


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