At the beginning of my self-employment, which takes place most of my time at the desk, I thought to myself, “Come on, treat yourself to something and buy a better office chair, so that work is pleasant.” Said, done and I have several hundred euros in invested in an office chair . That was 5 years ago. Today I sit on a gym ball for 9,99 Euro . And that voluntarily! How did that happen?
I had heard that sitting on such an exercise ball or fitness ball was healthier. Since it costs almost nothing, I have also gained one. After trying out the new gym ball, I realized that I could not stand it for more than an hour. I got pain in my back because my spinal muscles were not strong enough for sitting upright. Is also understandable, if you lean the whole day and relaxed sitting in the office chair and does little sports. That’s why I only used the gym ball from time to time. Most of the time I was still sitting on the office chair. But that should change soon.
Several years later, I was again confronted with the pain in the back due to the weak muscles of the spine. I started meditating . While meditating, I sat upright in the half lotus position. Again, I was glad when the 30 to 45 minutes were over, so that the pain in the back had an end.

It’s different today. I meditate regularly in the morning and sit at the office work all day on the exercise ball . So I can sit upright all day without pain. What happened? To make sitting upright comfortable and easy, you simply have to train the muscles of the spine. This is good for swimming, but also for yoga . So it was an unexpected side effect for me when I did the Yoga Sun Salutation every morning for a while . I just wanted to try a little yoga and had no idea about the fast effects. the spinal musculature. For me, the few weeks of yoga, in which I made the sun salutation in the morning for 10-15 minutes, was really worth it.
Emotionally, my body prefers to sit on the exercise ball rather than on the expensive and comfortable office chair. The seats on the exercise ball is dynamic . The body is always in a slight motion, while the spine has to provide stability. Of course, you can also sit crooked on the fitness ball, but then the health aspect is lost. The seating positions on an exercise ball can be different. In between, I even sit kneeling on the ball. This posture requires a special body balance, while the typing, clicking and calling in parallel is still possible.
So  if you want to bring more fitness and health into the office life , I recommend such a gym ball as a seat. The gym ball can be used not only for sitting, but also for the home fitness program. Thousands of fitness exercises are possible with such a ball: exercises with the gym ball.
I have a 65cm ball. The right height is experienced when measuring from the floor to the knee and counting 10cm. This then corresponds to the diameter of the ball.
⦁ Up to 160 cm height = exercise ball with 55 cm diameter
⦁ Up to 180 cm height = gym ball with 65 cm diameter
⦁ From 180 cm height = gym ball with 75 cm diameter

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