A Yoga Guide for Beginners (Part 3): Prepareation for the first yoga class

Congrats, you know when  (yoga guide for beginners part 1) and where  (yogi guide for beginners part 2) you want to get on the mat for the first time.

Now you ask yourself: What do I have to take with me? Do I need equipment? Where can I get a yoga mat ?

Only a few yoga studios provide this information on the website. Unfortunately, because it would make things easier for everyone involved.

Therefore for you today and here the most important rule of conduct for your first visit to the yoga studio.

1. Be on time!

Arrive 20 minutes before the class starts, so you can arrive in peace and watch the studio. Give the staff the opportunity to explain everything without hassle, which makes the start pleasant for everyone.

2. Go to a beginner lesson!

Even if you are very athletic, flexible and fit: Start relaxed with a beginner class. The movements are still foreign to you and the effort in yoga is different than in cross-fit or rhythmic gymnastics. If everything is too lame for you or you want to know where the journey is going, next time you’ll just go to another class.

3. Inform the teacher about physical characteristics!

Are you pregnant or acutely injured? Let me know! If necessary, you need modifications for certain positions.

4. Pack your gym bag!

Take comfortable clothes with you, leggings or sweatpants and shirt are enough. The gym equipment such as water bottle, towel, sneakers, etc. you can leave at home or in the locker room. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

Usually there are rental mats and blankets in the studios, so you do not  have to bring your own yoga mat . In doubt: ask first. Maybe even more interesting: Apart from Hot Yoga  , it is rather unusual to take a shower after the yoga class in the studio  (although sometimes quite necessary). Often there are not even showers.

5. Place your mat cheap!

To be able to pick right and left and front, place your yoga mat in the middle of the back half of the room. If in the yoga studio aids such as pads and straps are used and are available, just look what your mate neighbor has next to you and get the same set.

6. Take it easy!

If it gets too much, just take a break. If you do not know what to do, give the teacher a sign to show it to you. Or simply: do as you think. I’ve heard of many yoga teachers: Fake it until you make it! If you make unintentional dangerous contortions, the teacher already gets along and gives you an appropriate hint.

7. Take a look!

You will have an opinion about your first class. Maybe you will find something funny. Maybe you are totally excited. Maybe you also find everything stupid.

My tip: Try to get involved. Something has brought you into this class and there is something in it for you. What exactly and for what, will turn out even more.

Now, set all the instructions aside and look forward to your first class. The interesting thing about yoga is the personal experience and it can not be planned anyway.

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