Wanderlust: Why the adventure never ends

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Travel is change. Travel is movement. Travel is chaos. Travel is doubt. Travel is love. Travel is loneliness. Travel is joy. Travel is openness. Traveling is getting to know each other. Travel is self-discovery. Travel is luck.

Why do I travel and what does it matter with me? A declaration of love.

The question of why

My first trips started with just wanting to see the world. I wanted to go to places I had not discovered before, and see new things. Like every tourist, I rattled off popular travel destinations and took photos of famous sights.

What I did not know at the time was what happened to me inwardly.

I changed.

It’s one of those experiences, like meeting a special person in your life and not knowing right now that this person will be the most important person in your life.

You do not know what’s happening to you yet. You do not know that this encounter and experience will change your life and your little world.

But then the moment passes and you notice more and more inside, how you miss this good feeling. You are looking for something that has given you so much warmth and well-being.

If you only think about it, your heart will warm again and your yearning will be infinite.

You want to feel good again.

Again and again you catch yourself thinking about the beautiful moments. You do everything to get that good feeling back.

That’s why I travel.

Because it changes me. Because it changes my worldview. Because it has made me a better person and still does.

The attraction of traveling

Do you know this feeling when just not everything is perfect in your life? This feeling when you are not feeling well and maybe there is some uncertainty?

These are the moments that will make you grow in your life. It is these experiences that make you grow and sometimes change your views and attitudes more strongly, sometimes weaker.

I love it when I’m traveling to small, new adventures. Unknown situations that I’ve never been confronted with.

I love it when I meet people from whom I got a completely wrong picture through stories and media. When I finally realize that we are all human. With similar thoughts, feelings, fears and joys.

I love it when I go exploring, warm the sunbeams and I can just do something for my soul and my inner peace.

I love the discomfort, the joy, the fear, the discovery, the smile.

The changing travel behavior

My first trips were totally cliched. I packed my suitcase. Half of stuff that I really need, the other half stuff, that I’ll probably never use only rudimentary. I traveled with friends and we went on a discovery tour.

Over time, I realized that I’m not the standardized travel type . The two weeks on the Maldives give me nothing. They are not authentic.

This is not the real life.

I remembered the time that authentic travel gives me much more. Discover foreign cities like Sydney with locals , or go into small dangers in the darkest corners of Fiji and win great people as friends .

My travel behavior is in constant change – like myself. It develops – like myself. It changes – like myself.

I can not limit my love for traveling. I do not want it either.

Even though it may not always be “green”. My travel behavior makes me much more environmentally conscious than you will ever be, unless you discover the world on your own. Unless you realize for yourself which role you play on this planet.

And believe me – you are important. We are all.

The new cosmopolitanism

How many people do I personally know who are imprisoning themselves and, above all, their spirit. How often do I hear prejudices about other countries that turn out to be complete nonsense on the ground.

I must admit that I In Dubai, for example, thanks to the manipulative media, I had my reservations at the beginning.

Will everything go well, or am I in permanent danger to my life?

There have been many situations in which I received anxious inquiries on the basis of media reports as to whether everything was fine with me. Bad weather reports, while a bit of rain fell down on me.

I can only urge you to discover the world with your own eyes and senses.

Forget all that you mean about a country or people. Go there and discover for yourself. Open your eyes and, above all, open your mind to the beauty of this world and the people behind it.

I am not deterred by anything or anyone. Of course, Syria or Turkey are not my next destinations for now. Nevertheless, I would like to make my own world view and let me pretend nothing.

The world is good. The world is beautiful. Discover them!

The better travel

I would like to see people making more authentic trips.

You do not have to venture into any dangers or situations that will not make you smile. I just think it’s a pity if you spend your holidays in a hotel, entertained by artists there and then think about how you’ve got to know this country and the people behind it.

Go to the streets. Meet locals and immerse yourself in their everyday life. Eat with them at the same table . Do not always take the taxi, but walk around in the streets and run away. Get to know the people behind it.

After all, they are the land and the real life behind making your next destination unique.

Why are you traveling? Tell me!

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