Traveling with friends: 10 tips for a pleasant trip

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True to this motto, I love to travel with my friends and relatives mostly in a double pack the world and together to make the most beautiful life experiences.

But as nice as that is, it’s important to keep a few rules and tips in mind. Thus, only the best experiences remain forever in memory.

By the way: The tips are also best for couples to use.

# 1: Good planning

Every person is individual and each one of us has different interests when traveling. One likes museums, the other wants to just chill out. No matter which type you belong to, accept the interests of your travel partner. I am sure that you also have a lot in common, after all you travel together to the same place and you are also good friends.

Make a list of your interests and your travel buddy should do the same. Then you can compare your Todos, find your common denominator and enjoy these moments and experiences together. This is also true at the time of booking. Weighs the interests and plans together. Really together.

# 2: Let go and be independent

Just as you experience cool things together with your colleague, so it is important to just let go and go on your own. There is no reason to impose something on somebody if the other person simply does not feel like it. You are not tied to him, so just let go.

You want to see the churches in Rome and your buddy just wants to go shopping? Simply divide and make. It is best to make the place and time, where you meet again and until then just enjoy the solitude.

If you like to get up earlier to have a coffee and have breakfast then just do it! Just let the other person sleep, maybe he just needs it more than you do. Until then, you can do a lot and visit certain things yourself.

# 3: Consensus and compromise

Even if you follow the tips above, do not forget that you still do not travel alone. It’s important that sometimes you just have to be able to agree with others.

There will always be situations where you do not agree 100% but could live with the result. It only shows size, if you just look at the other one and do not let out your ego all the time.

The situation will come that needs an either / or decision. Then it’s time to keep calm, think it over and talk to your travel partner. Weigh together how important each option is to you and decide together on the variant that would be more painful to miss.

# 4: Make sacrifices

Even after a conversation, there will be situations in which both choices of an either-or-decision are equivalent. In these moments, it is necessary to keep cool and easy to make sacrifices.

Not traveling alone has many advantages, albeit some disadvantages. Be aware that not everyone will and will dance to the tune.

# 5: Stubbornness and principles

You are not perfect! You will always make mistakes! To see that is enormously important. It’s just as important to jump over your own shadow and put off your own stubbornness and principles. Only then will you be able to provide peace, peace and serenity.

We humans sometimes tend to just want to strangle one another, even though we know it will upset him. Just do not feel nervous, be still and do not drill further in the wound!

Maybe you are right in one thing, but in some situations, it will not do you any good to keep digging. If you really care about it and you want to clean things up (I advise), then wait until the situation calms down. Say the topic in a quiet minute without getting biting.

# 6: Listen and discuss

No matter how inconsistent you are about a topic. Take your time to listen to the opinion of your travel partner. Discuss what is on your mind and find a common path. There will always be a solution and with a cool head can find the best ways.

Do not always try to improve the other. Maybe you are not quite right, even if you are convinced of the opposite. Stubbornness is sometimes good, but often just a troublemaker.

# 7: Every human being is an individual

Maybe you think the true adventure is traveling and you always have to catch the next wave. Likewise, your buddy may think he just wants to chill out on the beach and catch a few rays of sunshine. Both are great. Just let the others do it and have fun with your cause.

Maybe you want to be at any party and your travel buddy can just chill out. Just follow your interests, may even go together but does not force anyone to something.

It’s nice to see things in common and experience them together, but it’s also important to be close to no one else. It is important to find the golden mean.

# 8: Divide area and tasks

It is really important that from the beginning it is clear who owns what. Already on arrival at the hotel I advise to clarify which corner belongs to whom. The wardrobe should also be split fairly. What happens then in strange corners is not your problem. You have to accept the cleanliness craze or the chaos of your fellow traveler, as well as his habits.

Please keep the paths and shared areas neutral and clean, then there will be no need for discussion here. 
If you are traveling with the camper in pairs , divide your own and the common corners in this narrow space.

We all like food, wash it off less. But even here it is important to share the tasks fairly and to alternate. If you think the other one can cook better, then prepare the cutlery and wash it.

It does not always have to be alternating, it is also alright to concentrate on the respective strengths.

# 9: It depends on the size

Personally, I travel mostly in pairs. I think that’s the ideal size and the easiest way to comply with the mentioned tips. I also traveled in groups of three or in groups.

For a trip with three I would rather advise against the experience. There will always be situations in which one of you will be the fifth wheel and have to take something. Even if you may think that you are a great trio, it does not have to be the same for everyone involved. I’m not in principle but not a fan. Who ever wanted to organize a trip for more than two, also knows how exhausting that can be.

On a trip with several buddies, the organization is also not easy, but the trip can be great. On my last trip to Prague, we were a total of nine guys. It was just great!

Also, here you have such a choice of different interests that you can simply connect or disconnect. Again, it is easy to do a few things together and look at others just for themselves or in smaller groups.

# 10: Charging prohibited

There is nothing worse than concealing your own interests and opinions so that the travel partner can live it out. You travel with him as well as he travels with you.

I am convinced that everything, really everything, can be settled in one conversation. Please do not let it get to the point that at some point you just explode and the fight goes out. This is a pity and just not necessary in adult humans.

How many times have I heard others quarreling next to me? That’s just sad and childish. Do not be so! If you follow the tips, it should not happen at all.


I hope I did not scare you off with these tips!

Traveling with friends is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I love to travel as a couple and will certainly do that often in the future. In the autumn my trip to Peru & Brazil is on and also there I will make the South American continent together with my cousin uncertain.

These tips certainly also provide for more peace of mind regardless of travel and can be used well in everyday life. In general, we should look to people to work steadily on us and not just to live something different at certain times.

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