The best way to travel: I found them

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The diehard backpackers swear by the cheap traveling with their backpack. The hotel tourists rather prefer the tidy room, the good service and the hotel pool. Again, the Flashpacker are looking for a mediocre between authentic travel with a little more luxury.

But is there actually any particular type of travel? The only truth? The non plus ultra?

Types of trips like sand by the sea

While the backpacker does not want to give up his backpack, the hotel traveler enjoys the good hotel service and the Flashpacker somehow hangs between the two worlds, the luxury vacationer indulges in pure luxury in the Maldives and enjoys the privilege of being treated like a king or queen. He may be less interested in how the culture and the people in the country really are, as long as he can let his mind wander while being blown away by employees with palm leaves.

The single traveler  has found the joy of independence for himself and would like to relinquish reluctant. Too much he enjoys the freedom to simply do and do what his heart longs for right now.

Still others can not even imagine the next trip without their camper and already dream of reading these lines from the next road trip.

Dependent on others? No thanks!

Rather, campers appreciate the freedom to decide easily and freely when to go where and how long to stay in one place.

Then there is also the party holidaymaker, who just wants to let the hell out and be a bit like he would like to be without all the social norms.

Others enjoy the little pleasures of traveling with their own family, parents or children. A nice way to experience things together that will melt you off a lot more.

The slowtraveller, on the other hand, not only enjoys the destination, but the journey itself is already there. Starting with the transport, the train or the ship is preferred to the plane and even after arrival, it is not the chattering of sights that should be the main motive Living in the everyday life of the locals.


The best way to travel is …

Personally, I had a phase in my life when I laughed at the backpackers who were waiting on the floor and wanted to travel as cheaply as possible. I always thought, why not afford something and rent a hotel room. Until I finally found the joy of  backpacking and did not want to jump with a big suitcase to the next hotel to be able to pamper myself on it.

I was and probably will never be a real backpacker, find myself as a Flashpacker in my role absolutely well. Although this categorization and drawer thinking is anyway stupid and massively limits one only in the development of their own travel style.

And that’s the quintessence that I could draw for myself.

There is not one particular type of travel. There is no non plus ultra.

Rather, it is important that the way you move in the world suits you. It really does not matter if you want to travel slowly, fast, superficially or authentically.

Who am I or other travel experts to judge about you? To tell you what’s right for you? It is often even the life situation itself that dictates or co-determines which type of travel fits you best in this phase of your life.

If you think you just want to relax, treat yourself to luxury and fly to the Maldives. If you are interested in how the people of the far away countries really live, make an authentic journey and immerse yourself in the everyday life of the local inhabitants.

Talk to them. Make friends.

No matter what your belly tells you to do, do it. In many situations of your life, he already knows what is right for you.

Freedom through acceptance

I have come to the point where I think we can best develop the optimal way of traveling for ourselves by simply accepting each one of them. As long as we keep in mind how others travel and may laugh at them tired, we also think that we are the travel messiah ourselves. We would know it best for everyone anyway.

Travel and travel.

Only when the point is reached, where we stop judging about others, only then we have the freedom to get the most out of our way of traveling. This can also be transferred one-to-one to the general life.

My journey is not your journey

Authentic travel is my personal favorite. During these trips, I try to dive into the lives of the locals as much as possible in order to better understand their thoughts and actions. For me it means a tremendous amount of understanding how local people think and what their actions call for. Moments in which I talk to local people are more important to me than any attraction. And yet I try not to force a conversation. Either it turns out, or just does not. Like so much in life.

Let it flow for a while.

But I also have phases in life when I just need time for myself. Just want to take a break from everyday life. Then it may happen that I do not seek new contacts and just try to enjoy the moment.

Or just want to be pampered. Palm leaves and such.

Dear reader, try to develop your own rice and let the others do it easy. Whether you continue to pack your suitcase instead of a backpack on short city trips, it is entirely up to you. Whether you would rather stay in the hostel to meet other like-minded people, or prefer your own peace in your own hotel room, is completely up to you.

I would even recommend that you do not limit yourself to one type of travel. The diversity makes it often and helps you to find the ideal for you personally travel and especially yourself.

What is currently your preferred travel method?

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