Meaning of life: is death the greatest gift?

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Meaning of life. Which is it? Is it death itself? We are all afraid of it. We do not want to waste a thought on him. We do not really want to talk about it. We just want to ignore it all.

But he is one of the greatest gifts of our lives. He is perhaps the best that could happen to us. Even if it may sound weird and scary. Death is the greatest gift of life.

Death makes life valuable

If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I set out to do today?

It is precisely this sentence, which Steve Jobs once said in a speech to college graduates, that makes death as precious and valuable as nothing else in our lives.

He shows us time and again that our time here on the beautiful planet ends sometime and is not intended for eternity. He shows us that we should not constantly move our desires and desires back to the back, but have to do everything, finally start to live. It shows us that we should do nothing “someday”, but should now create a list of how we can do it and experience it as soon as possible and in a realistic future.

All the nice moments with our dearest ones we want to do. All the places we want to visit. All the joys we hope to experience once. All the love we want to give. All the kisses and hugs we want to give to our loved ones.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for all that.

No one can guarantee that we will ever experience all that we have planned for ourselves. Nobody knows if tomorrow we will feel the joys of life. And that’s just how it is for no one to be sure that he will experience the next weekend or the next unforgettable trip.

Unfortunately, death is quite selfish and takes no account. On nobody.

Our very end will come

We all have to be clear. The time in our life is limited.

I hear so often from other people telling me their most beautiful dreams while their eyes are shining and in the end comes the sentence:

Yes, someday … maybe.

Why are we so sure that this “ever” will ever happen? Sure, we want to be optimistic and that’s wonderful too. However, our optimism for a long, healthy and fulfilling life has no guarantee.

The only thing that is really guaranteed is the now. The moment.

Now we exist. Now we can pursue our dreams. Now we can book the next trip. Now we can go to our loved ones, kiss them or just hug and tell them how much they enrich our lives.

Even if we want to suppress it and not talk about it, we must always be aware that our end will come.

People who do not believe in their own last hour make the present moment less valuable than it really is. Whether it continues afterwards, I do not know. And that’s exactly why I want to perceive the safe moments much more consciously and consciously. These are guaranteed to me.

Yes, it’s cool to spend a nice evening with my boys or girls. But that’s not the last time.

Ah, today I do not mind my parents, maybe tomorrow.

I love my girlfriend, but why should I show it to her today? There is still enough time for that.

Why are we so sure that we still have enough time for everything? Do you know what – we are not. We just do not want to admit it.

It is an unpleasant truth that we are all too happy to repress. Better pretend that it would never happen, rather than change your own actions and your own world view.

Eventually we may not be the full clique anymore. At some point our loved ones may not be here anymore (I hate that thought). At some point we can not tell anyone how much we like or love him because he is in a better place now.

Or at some point all these people can not do it anymore because we are not here anymore.

We are only too happy to suppress the truth so that we do not have to act. One thing I can guarantee you:

At some point, we will not have time to get everything right.

Do it right from the beginning

The beauty of death is that it forces us to try to do everything in the best possible and right way. From the beginning to give the best of themselves and get the maximum out of it.

Because our time here is limited, we should also do our utmost to get as much out of our own history as possible.

We do not have countless attempts and can press “restart” as in a game. We have to think and act rationally because we can not go back. But what does rational and rational action already mean?

The greatest reason to live your own truth.

Doing what my heart raises the pulse for, my eyes watering, my gut feeling agreeing with me. I want to do what makes me fall asleep with a smile every night. From the beginning. Correct.

I would like to travel. See the world. Meet wonderful people. Laughing with my sweetheart. Love from the bottom of my heart. Anyone I may like to say is important to me without fear of revealing my feelings. Without fear of being hurt.

I want to be the person I am in the heart. Not the one you expect me to be.

The security, whether I make everything right, unfortunately I do not have. Just like I have none for my life. No assurance that I will experience tomorrow.

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. Please make sure that your life is filled with beautiful and unforgettable moments.

Look death in the eyes

To return to the quote from the beginning.

If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I set out to do today?

Is this life I’m really leading now what I want? Am I really satisfied with the life circumstances? Am I superseding my own truth just so I do not have to leave the comfort zone? In order not to get hurt? Does the job that I give my life make me really happy? Is my life really my mission? Am I born for this, or am I just living by some norms imposed on me?

Even if death is unpleasant, it is the greatest gift of our lives. We must not regard him as something negative, because through him the time we have is so precious and unique.

Let us live every day as if it were our last. I realize that this is not always financially possible. But at least to our fellow human beings, every day we should be like there are no other opportunities. To give joy in life costs nothing and is incredibly valuable.

Death makes the journey so memorable and life-changing. Your own mission on the planet to something that we must not forget in any case and always have to pursue. The beautiful moments with our loved ones at moments that we always like to think back to. The laugh at a moment when we could forget the whole world around us. The hug to one of the most beautiful and next touch with dear people. The kiss to something so sensual that it heats the whole body next to our hearts. These words to the language of my soul and feelings. Life the greatest gift of our existence.

I wish you a long, healthy and well-filled life that will make you fall asleep with a smile every day and you can say in your last hour:

Fuck, yeah! I’ve lived!

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