Healthy on the road: travel adventures in the best of health

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The time has come! Your next trip is coming and you are looking forward to your next adventure. And then it happens. A minor injury, nausea or numerous mosquito bites.

So that you can enjoy your next trip as possible without health incidents, I have summarized for you my small first-aid kit and other health tips.

Planning is the alpha and omega

Long before your journey begins, you should think hard about what conditions are in your travel destination.

Will you be in Europe, where more or less the same conditions prevail everywhere and your body is used to the condition? Or are you going to tropical areas, where the weather is very humid, high temperatures prevail and the mosquitoes really like to let off steam?

Depending on your destination, there are several measures to take in advance and keep you informed.

The small first aid kit

I’m a big fan of “easy” travel. Do not drag too much stuff around with you, that you can buy abroad anyway if you want.

So that your trip with small incidents does not get out of hand and you have to search immediately the nearest pharmacy, I can highly recommend the following small medical helpers :

  • Tablets for a headache . So that your head no longer buzz after a long flight or changing weather conditions.
  • Pain gel for muscle injuries . A little slip-up while hiking and you suffer a little sprain or sprain. Would be too bad if the fun was already over here, right?
  • Fluid for nausea and stomach upset . In foreign countries the appeal is great to try a culinary delicacy. Unfortunately, the stomach does not always come along.
  • Tablets for diarrhea . If your body really did not tolerate the foreign kitchen.
  • Plaster in case of gullies . For the little ache after a long hike or a wild city break.
  • Mosquito spray against the little bloodsucker . If you do not want to have about 30 mosquito bites per foot on Fiji like me. Can be very uncomfortable.
  • Sun cream for a pleasant tan . Sunburn is not funny. Not really. The possible health consequences are drastic.
  • Disinfectant for the hands . Depending on the destination you can not be too picky for the toilet. The hygiene after that must not go unnoticed.

    Health Code of Conduct

    Every country is different and that’s what makes traveling so exciting. So you have to be aware that people around the world do not take hygiene for granted. And believe me, the German-speaking countries are by no means the trailblazers. There are countries where personal hygiene is hugely respected.

    Despite your desire to discover enough sleep is not to be underestimated. Your body will be grateful to you. Treat yourself to a break and take a nap. Use the nights to rest. You do not have to visit all the parties in the world.

    I love to be lazy during the holidays. But if you move too little, you will not do anything good for your body and mind. Try to move as much as possible and do some sport. Make sure to do push-ups and back bumps every day, or go jogging in the morning. Believe me, your body and mind will be grateful to you.

    Water is the greatest basic requirement for a functioning body. Without enough water headaches and discomfort are inevitable. Give your body at least 2-3 liters per day. In hot areas or with high physical effort it can be quiet also more.

    Eating and drinking in foreign countries is one of the things that makes traveling unique. And yet sometimes it can be a joker. Depending on the country, the hygiene standards are lower.

    Your body needs to learn how to handle new things and situations. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to what you eat when eating. Food and drinks are often the cause of nausea and diarrhea. If you have concerns:

    Boil, cook, peel or let it stay.

  • Do not panicDespite all the caution and your small first aid kit, it is important not to panic and enjoy your trip. If you prepare well and do not go too naively through life, nothing will happen to you.

    It is important that you are well prepared for small things and have the necessary resources with you. After all, there may not be a pharmacy around the corner on a desert island or in the rainforest. Also, I can not imagine that you want to visit the doctor because of every little thing. It’s only good if you’ve already taken care of it.

    How do you deal with the topic of health when traveling?

    Do you like the article? Thank you for sharing.


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