Best travel apps: hassle-free with your smartphone

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A journey should serve to disconnect from everyday life and to be able to concentrate on the true values ​​of life. Still, we have the great luxury of carrying one of those smart phones with us. These can make the trip enormously easier if used correctly and save a lot of trouble.

So that you can enjoy your well-deserved time-out whenever possible in every moment, I have put together here for you my favorite travel apps. Thus, you can switch off as well as possible and enjoy the time stress-free.

Offline maps

With CityMaps 2Go you have the opportunity to save maps from all over the world offline on your smartphone and to retrieve them abroad at any time.

The great thing about this app is that in addition to the maps you can also mark all the sights and your hotel. So you always get to your destination and save yourself a lot of data.

Offline travel guide

If you want to know more about your destination or are looking for inspiration, mTrip will help you  . This app offers very detailed information for numerous well-known destinations.

What sights are there to see? How do I get to them? Until when are these open? What should I pay attention to in this country? What is the safety at the destination?

These and many other questions you will get answered in the app.

Taxi Calculator

Arriving at your destination is in many cases still the taxi ride to the hotel or apartment. Since the taxi prices in the world could not be more different, it is advantageous to know the approximate price in advance.

For a price overview, the price can be calculated well with the taxi calculator and the money ever put on the page.

Offline Currency Converter

Imagine, you’re just traveling and see something you really want to buy. Only there is some weird amount with many zeros and a weak currency behind it. Not to lose track here is a masterpiece.

Since I am on vacation and do not expect much, I use iCurrency for this  . Unfortunately, this app is not available for Android, which is why I can also   recommend Currency with a clear conscience and personal experience.

Share travel expenses

Since I like to  travel with friends , it is impossible to always allocate the costs locally and directly. It is much more practical to pay the costs together and to write down the amount first.

So that you do not lose the overview, I can quietly recommend you  waitin . Here you can easily make a note of which person saved you how much money and where.

Countdown timer

Anticipation is the greatest joy. To tell you how long it will be before your next adventure, I highly recommend Big Day for iOS or Dreamdays for Android.

A beautifully designed app without a lot of bells and whistles, which makes your heart beat faster by the day.

Offline dictionary

Even though you can get quite far in the world with English, there are always places that are not very powerful in the language of the world. And even if you speak English properly well, there are always words that you can not think of.

For such cases, there is the great dictionary , which contains many languages ​​that are even available offline.

travel literature

Travel is the perfect moment to relax and have time for me. Doing a good book on self-discovery , reading a good biography or story and digressing into another world – perfect.

If you do not have an iPhone and therefore iBooks , you can switch to Amazon’s Kindle App and treat yourself to great literature.

Offline navigation

You are abroad and treat yourself to a sexy rental car to see on your own simply more than just the typical tourist trails ?

If you use your pre-installed maps, it can be quite budgetary. Roaming is still a very expensive thing. There is a solution and her name is  Scout.

A handy navigation app that will take you to your desired destination. Best of all, you can download a country completely for free and use it offline!

Also I can recommend the maps of Navigon very much to you . Just recently, the new app has been released, which works via a subscription system and maps can be downloaded from around the world.

Offline camper routes

During my camper trip through Australia we were recommended by a local staff  WikiCamps . There were so many situations where we would have felt “lost” if we had not had the app.

Here you can really find all the information. Where to stay, whether it’s free or you have to pay something. Contact details as well as real reviews of the campsites included.

WikiCamps are also available for New Zealand, USA , Canada and Great Britain .

Holger of Travelersdelight has also put together a great list of his favorite travel apps on his blog . It’s best to stop by and let yourself be inspired.

Which are your favorite apps? Or is the smartphone in the bag?

Do you like the article? Thank you for sharing.

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