6 illustrious things I like about Emilia-Romagna

“Emilia-Romagna? Where is that?  The region around Bologna is not familiar to most of us – you know Tuscany, South Tyrol, Umbria, Lombardy and perhaps Piedmont (Mon Cherie, anyone?). Emilia-Romagna is not only home to seaside resorts such as Rimini on the Adriatic coast, famous car brands and the Formula 1 strongholds in Imola and Maranello, but also the most famous Italian products come from the region.

To give you some more information, here are my 6 things that I like about Emilia-Romagna:

1. Culinary Celebrities

As I have just mentioned, Emilia-Romagna is home to Italy’s most famous delicacies: Prosciutto di Parma? Exactly, from Parma. Just like the real Parmigiano Reggiano – the Parmesan, which is allowed to mature only in the region with brand seal. From Modena comes the balsamic vinegar made after centuries of tradition. “Balsamico Traditional di Modena” must be on it, otherwise it is not a real balsamic. Please remember! And last but not least: Lambrusco. With the popular Pizzabestellungsbeigabe we Germans connect only one thing: headache. In Italian reality, Lambrusco is a carbonated quality wine, which is best tipped ice cold behind the rushes. Delicious!

emilia romagna

2. Gnocco fritto

Do we stay with the food: Ever heard of Gnocco fritto? I did not until recently. What a huge education gap !! No sooner had I tried one of the deep-fried dough antipasti in Pavarotti’s favorite restaurant “Europa 92”, I literally could not keep my fingers off the salty-yeasty pastry. It’s like having a bag of chips or a plate of good olives – you only stop when the last crumb has disappeared …. If someone tried it, please send a delivery to me!

emilia romagna

3. Small Italian villages

Already on my very first visit to Italy, I fell in love with the many small picturesque villages. Colorful, sleepy and at the same time lively and of course incredibly Italian. That’s why in Emilia-Romagna I liked to hang around in small alleyways like Nonantola, looking for #notmynonnis and Ugly-Pretty-motives. For hours, I could sit here with a cappuccino and watch the slower or louder bustle depending on the time: children playing ball, Opis while discussing and moms buying fresh fruit and vegetables and maybe even a handsome man in the Fiat 500 passes.

emilia romagna

4. Clotheslines

Let’s get straight to the next favorite photo motif: clotheslines. Nowhere else can you find them as often as in Italy. Screaming colorful or pure white with the finest ribbed slippers, the laundry hangs between, or over the houses of the region and give the perfect model in golden yellow sunlight.

emilia romagna

5. Ferrari museums

Cars are probably not everyone’s topic when it comes to holiday program. For me as a small Formula 1 fan  , the Ferrari museums in Modena and Maranello are definitely worth a visit. Admire beautiful vintage cars? Check. Driving a racing simulator, including a trip to the gang? Adrenaline preprogrammed. Compete in the pit lane against each other in a fast tire change ? House high lost. Next goal? Board the race track in Maranello in a  yellow 348 Spider .

emilia romagna

6. Palazzos

Italy is known for its picturesque mansions. Particularly beautiful frescoes with optical illusions, incredibly bizarre paintings and distorting wall mirrors can be found in the baroque Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo, a small town known for its porcelain factories. When wandering through the building, one would like to immediately throw in a rococo dress and turn in the ballroom pirouettes, until a very dizzy.


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