In my growing up as a teenager, I cursed myself and my life. I was pissed off that my life is so shitty and I can not make sense of it in this life . Read more about what gift dark experiences of a bad past have for you and how you can benefit from them.

During my bad past I wish for parents who are there for me. I mean, there are, not only physically, but really present, with their full attention.

I wish for love, cohesion and security, as well as support on my way to life and trust.

Since I missed all this and it did not look like it was going to hit me now, I eventually set myself up for the light.

Bit by bit, I took responsibility for my life instead of condemning others and wallowing in my suffering.

After actively taking this path of self-knowledge and self-realization , my life changed as well.

My life is more loving today because I started to love myself more.

I trust life more because I trust and connect with life.

And I am in a field of wonderful people, in which I receive security and support because today I go my own way and attracted like-minded people.

From today’s perspective, I can not imagine a meaningful life.

Everything that has happened makes sense to me from today’s point of view – as dark, awful or even hopeless as some experiences from the “bad” past may be.

The meaning of a bad past

If I had not experienced the lack of love, I would not appreciate the existence of love today.

Apart from the fact that today I know how each person can get out of the illusionary feeling of non-love and enter into love.

Life was and is my school. I love learning from life and aligning it more and more with my heart .

So that today I can accompany people in their  self-realization , I have to attribute solely and only to the gloomy times in my life: the blows of fate, traumas and bad luck.

It sounds funny, but I can even feel gratitude for it.

And that is an essential key to the solution.

What you fight becomes more.

What you accept in love, let there be and perceive with awareness, changes by itself.

If you condemn or pity yourself for yourself and your life, it is an act of non-love and you will experience nothing but condemnation and compassion.

If you thank and accept yourself for yourself and your life, it is an act of love and you will reap more and more love and acceptance.

But for that to happen, all feelings of the past must be felt . Only when the pain is “felt”, your heart is open to loving unconditionally .

The “bad times” in life are the greatest teachers.

If they were not there, there would be no big challenges in life.

Because at the heart of life, it’s about our consciousness gaining experience, learning from it, and expanding.

That’s all that life or your soul cares about.

Learn, feel, recognize, grow.

And that’s exactly what you get the life situations that you need for your next development step.

So basically everything is very simple.

The conclusion of a bad past

So be happy about your “fucking childhood” and recognize the hidden gift in it.

Make friends with the thought that your soul here in this human life longs only for new emotional experiences.

She knows no “good” and “bad”, because these are just interpretations of the ego.

Every experience is valuable and offers infinite possibilities for new insights.

As long as you have not learned your lesson, nothing will change, because life is only interested in your growth.

Learn to recognize yourself in everything. Learn to accept and love. Especially the feelings that you just do not want to feel. As horrible as they seem, today you are grown-up and very capable of feeling them ( this is how you deal with feelings ).

Do not flee from your feelings. Stand up to them, let go and feel them. Only then can they go again.

That’s the key to change.

This is the light that illuminates the dark room.

Imagine that a small candle is enough to illuminate a large, dark room.

The flame of the candle is the source of the light, while darkness has no source.

In this example, we can see that light is always stronger than darkness.

Light is the deeper truth and the same as love and consciousness.

While darkness is only the absence of light or love or consciousness.

Darkness is therefore an illusion and the truth is love.

Because of this, self-realization happens by following the heart where your love springs.

Have you ever bothered with your “bad” past? Can you recognize her as a gift? Feel free to comment in a commentary or ask your question. 

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