What makes you happy is a really good question. Finding the path to happiness is an essential source of power that enables us to live, learn, and develop our very own life. What makes you happy, only you know. Therefore, I would like to show you in this article a simple way, how to find and establish the happiness in your life.


  1. Step 1: Find out what makes you happy
  2. Step 2: Find out what makes you unhappy
  3. Step 3: Integrate the happiness in your life
  4. Step 4: Get inspired by others
  5. Step 5: Do not become a “lucky addict”

Step 1: Find out what makes you happy

There are always things that make you happy and it’s all about becoming aware of or finding them. There are things, people, activities and situations that provide for your inner joy. In this step, take your journal to the best and make an inventory:

There are many little things that will make you happy here and now. Maybe you do not notice them anymore, because you think something big has to happen?

Draw your attention to the moment. What is already there, which is good for you?

Is it the sunshine, your favorite food or music?

Which people strengthen you and invite you to laugh?

What activities do you already do that really please you in the heart?

And what are the external conditions that make you happy inside?

Write down everything. All small and big things. Look closer, feel inside, and realize what makes you happy, pleases you, and opens your heart.

What makes you happy: This is what you do with these findings

You now know what makes you happy and can strengthen all this in your life. Pay more attention to these things, people and activities. You do not have to be good at logic to realize that this will immediately expand and extend your times of happiness.

But you have to pay attention to something, which I will explain to you in the fifth step. Just go on step by step.

Step 2: Find out what makes you unhappy

The first step is to focus on what makes you happy and stronger. In this second step you will learn what blocks your luck or makes you unhappy.

What are the things, people, activities and situations that cost you strength, that pull you down and make you more unhappy in the end?

Reflect on your life and go through your everyday life, write down everything.

Once you know what is not good for you, you can minimize it or banish it from your life.

That does not apply to everything we do not like. Especially interpersonal conflicts are always invitations to look into our own basement and ask ourselves what they want to tell us and what we can learn from them.

But when you realize that you are only doing your unpopular job to earn money, the step is clear to focus on what you really want to do from the heart. Find your passion and a way to finance it.

Many things in this step you can change immediately. Such as the habit of watching TV, surfing the Internet or playing with a smartphone. In a closer reflection, you can see that these activities are just sucking energy, not giving you any real value and you would rather do something else.

Then we have to change something, and we do that in step 3.

Step 3: Integrate the happiness in your life

Once you know what makes you happier and unhappier, all you need to do is change your lifestyle. This is largely based on your habits.

Trade the habits that make you unhappy by those who give you something.

Create new habits that will strengthen you, enrich your mind, and do you good in the long run.

In the short term certainly all types of drugs do well, but a dependency is not really a good solution. Above all, it is not self-realization .

So pay attention to what’s good in the long term, not in the short term.

Maybe you can see that you would feel better if you went for a run, rather than hanging out on the couch. Then remember and get your ass moving. 🙂

At this point, you have to learn how to overcome your bastard to ensure your happiness.

Only you are responsible for your happiness, no one else.

In order to form a new habit, it is important to integrate this activity into your life for at least 21 days. If you can not make it in one day, you start all over again.

It’s really down to honesty with yourself and your discipline to work for what’s really important to you.

Step 4: Get inspired by others and complete your lucky list

To extend your habits of happiness, it is good to be inspired by other people. Ask the people in your environment what really makes them happy in their hearts. Maybe you discover new things that can also enrich your life. Use it to create new habits to integrate them into your life.

That makes me happy:

Things: Lupine coffee with oatmeal, banana with Madelmus, sunshine, vegan food, essential oils and good smells, campfires, gin and tonic or a beer.

Activities: meditation, writing texts, giving workshops, traveling, cycling, meditation, martial arts, sports, rambling, meditation, going to the limit, dealing with inspiring works, sharing, expressing and expressing feelings . (Yes, I purposely named 3x meditation here to make the importance clear :-))

People: friends, family and partnership, encounters on the street.

Situations: To be in company, to be alone, to be in the fresh air, to have a “home”, to be in Berlin, to be in nature, to be financially secure.

Now squeeze other people out what makes them happy and start making your own experiences to find “your” happiness. This results in your list of things and situations of happiness.

Step 5: Do not become a “lucky addict”

If you have neglected the happiness in life and maybe even depressed, this guide is a really good and extremely important idea to strengthen yourself.

However, once you have built up a certain inner strength and self-esteem, then it is also about being more with what is, so also to look at your own shadow, and not just looking for the luck.

Some people are constantly striving to run after happiness. You do not even see what is now. They only have the next “kick” in their heads, the next moment to make them happier. However, this is not a healthy life, but only a symptom of addiction.

If there is sadness now, then it wants to be felt and not covered by an activity of happiness.

To emphasize this is important to me. Allowing everything, as far as possible, is the way to happiness in the long term, not the short-term “kick”.

Get started now.

Change only happens if you do something.

So what makes you happy?

Start with step 1 and write your results below as a comment to inspire others as well .



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