Realizing that life can not go on like this is a good time to make a difference.

The thing is, most do not change much.

Maybe you change a bit, so that life is just so bearable again.

If you change just a bit, you do not need to expect. Life will only get a little better.

In most cases it is the case that the human being first has to experience a really great suffering situation in order for him to get moving. And even then, the desire for spiritual growth subsides as soon as this one suffering is roughly resolved.

Ask yourself what you really want.

Do you want to survive like that and somehow get through life?

Or do you want to grow into a dimension of your self that you just might not even be able to imagine?

Do you want a deep, inherent happiness in which nothing bothers you so easily?

Do you want to come into complete harmony with life?

This means that you rest in a wise serenity in yourself and lead a life that you can not imagine better.

If so, why not put everything on a card?

Why do not you make your self-knowledge and self-realization your highest priority?

I know why. But do you know it too?

Now take the first step by answering exactly this question:

Why am I not making my self-realization a top priority?

Write down your answers and feel all the feelings that are connected with them. Go deeper and deeper. With the answers you start only on the surface, below that you get to the existential feelings that you are most afraid of. Stand up to them.

The quality of your lifetime is determined by the degree of your spiritual awakening. The deeper you are connected to the truth in you, life and love, the more awesome life is.

So why settle for 10% or 20%? Your lifetime is limited and it would be nice to experience the rest of your life with 100% liveliness as soon as possible?

Or not?

It is possible. Also for you. And now. But you really have to do something for it.

Investing an hour every day is a minimum, but a good start.

How can you use this lesson?

  1. Meditate as you learned on the retreats.
  2. Exchange with like-minded people, assist in the realization and allow a true encounter. Buddies are mostly on the seminars and retreats.
  3. Participate in the online courses:
  4. Read the books and let the information look deeper. This means that you do not consume but meditate upon reading and reflect.

When you go to the dance class, you invest your time and money to learn the art of dancing.

For me, it’s about the art of recognizing yourself and actually living life. Many are unaware that this is just another branch of each person’s sphere of life.

With this text, I would like to point out again the urgency of why you should invest in yourself and your inner cognition, and primarily with your lifetime.

Really take that hour for you every day, or more.

It’s like learning a new language. If you only learn something from time to time, you will need ages to really talk to a human in depth.

But if you invest one hour each day, you can do it in 1-2 years, right to the end of your life. 🙂

Please make that clear.

Make it clear where you are going or where you are staying if you continue as you do now.

And clarify where you can be soon, if you change your priorities and put yourself first.

In love

Your Elijah

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