The law of attraction is one of the laws of life that works here on earth. It makes sure that you draw that into your life, what you radiate. All your thoughts and feelings create a vibration that radiates into the world. With this you draw this into your life, which corresponds to this vibration or what resonates with it. Learn in this article what this means for you and how to use it for a self-determined life to make you realize.


  • Is there really the law of attraction?
  • First find fulfillment inside, then put on outside
  • Apply Resonance Law: Focus Vs. Let go
  • Why does not my wish come true?
  • Example: How do I attract financial security?
  • Conclusion


With the Law of Attraction I came to indispensable knowledge that helped me to understand life and to get to know myself better. I can now meet the challenges of life much easier and know how to solve problems.

My longing led me to a life situation in which I can decide freely about my time and be creative, as I want it. Today, I can say that you can achieve anything if you follow the voice of your heart – the one that feels right and right for you.

The law of attraction is one of the laws of life that work here on earth. It says that you put that in your life, what you radiate. Everything that exists in your life is therefore a part of you. Everything is a reflection of your conscious and unconscious being. Every thought and every feeling deforms the reflection, the form of your life and experience.

Understanding this in depth helps you to recognize yourself, to integrate unconscious, split-off parts and align your life to the desires of your heart. In the process of creating consciously, you first have to become clear about what you (from the heart) want. The idea that you have a creative influence on your life can therefore motivate you to recognize yourself more deeply and to connect with your true self.

From my experience I can say that on the path of self-realization you can not avoid knowing the law of attraction in practice. It is the precursor to the event, where you only let the loving creativity flow freely from your heart into the world, and thus follow your “life plan”:

“What happens through me happens.”

Only, what should happen?

Understanding and applying the Resonance Law will help you become clear and aware of what is going to flow through you. Your desires, longings, dreams, inspirations and impulses of the heart are the signposts.

The challenge is to learn to differentiate them from the ego (illusory self) and let them “flow into the world”. This flow is the practical implementation, where you are again confronted with growth steps: Overcoming your fears, lack of awareness and thus the recognition of your true self.

Is there really the law of attraction?

Reader’s question: Sometimes, I believe, I feel the law of attraction, in small magical moments of fulfillment that touch me deeply. But then often comes to me with a doubt that says: no, that does not work. Is there any proof that the law works so that I can really trust it?

Show me one thing in your life that has nothing to do with you that you did not create consciously or unconsciously. Life always consists of events that we find either good or bad. And of course the unawakened man says, “Yes, I want the good stuff, but I never created the bad things.”

In such a situation, it is then necessary to look more closely and to explore yourself. The solution is found in the subconscious, which is why it is good to do the meditation practice .

So you can test the law of attraction by training your self-awareness and making reflection your daily practice. This is the wonderful and healing way to your true self. Because everything that you do not want from the heart dissolves through it and it seems more and more love through what is naturally reflected in life.

Nothing will exist in your life that you do not have a yes to somewhere inside.

How you live, your social environment, how people handle you, your balance, your appearance, your job, your salary, etc. You can go through everything and find the right belief somewhere in your mind. And if you want more and it does not work, you will eventually discover the blocking fear that holds you back from fulfillment. In the case of attachment anxiety, for example, it is the fear of no longer having freedom and of being suffocated by closeness.

The true power is the subconscious

Now we have to be clear that the unconscious occupies over 99.9% of space. The subconscious mind has the true power. What we are aware of is a tiny part.

With meditation and the practice of self-awareness we are able to keep waking up and increasing the conscious share. And with our consciousness, we have the choice of how to deal with the unconscious and what we give into it. We can assume that all our previous experiences and recorded information from the media are stored in our unconscious and shape us.

So here you should be careful about what information you get to you. And you can also see that things like therapy and healing are very useful. This frees captured energies, which then no longer manifest in the here and now.

Example from above: The attachment anxiety is due to events in childhood, where I have had bad experiences in contact with people. These memories are still sleeping in the unconscious. If these feelings and memories are healed, attachment anxiety dissolves, which can no longer be the reason for separations. One is then able to receive and give more love.

A magic, life will always stay. It is part of the game of life that we continue to evolve and explore our true self ever deeper.

First find fulfillment inside, then put on outside

Reader’s question: I’ve been working on the law of attraction for several years. I would like to wear fulfilling. I am a mother since I was 18 years old and I do not know today after 25 years what I feel.

Many people want to use the Law of Attraction to just live a fuller life. It’s like going to the supermarket to find inner fulfillment. I can eat and consume as much as I want, the inner emptiness will remain as a feeling – no matter how full my stomach is.

The Law of Attraction is only of help to you , if you know what you want . And to know what you want, you have to know yourself and be connected to yourself. If we only care for others, but never for ourselves, we can not know each other. Then it’s about building a relationship with yourself and exploring what makes me human.

So the way does not lead to the outside, to draw something into my life, which should fulfill me, but inside: ” Who am I really? What is it to me? Can I feel? “.

Many others seek fulfillment on the outside and find them supposedly at work or in a partnership. What they do not know is that they are in a dependency relationship. They need the other to be happy. Alone, they are lost and confronted with the deeper abysses of their unknown self.

That’s why it’s not true fulfillment. It’s nothing more than dependence on a drug. The true fulfillment comes when one goes the way inward and lovingly encounters all parts of oneself. Meditation is a way that I pass on in my work, but also the loving treatment of all his feelings. Especially those who live alone without distraction.

In this deeper encounter with oneself, an emotional connection with the interior is created. Then, when I can feel, I’m alive, and that’s how I know what I want to do next. Where the action is secondary. The fulfillment is already here and now and the joie de vivre makes you want to experience human life in its fullness.

If you know what you want, you can use the law of attraction for realizing your desires of the heart.

Exercise for the connection to yourself

I can give you a very important and effective exercise for the beginning:

Feel yourself again and again in the course of the day. Use these questions: How are you? Does it feel right to be here and do that? What would like to spring from me at this moment?

This connects you more and more with your sense of correctness and consistency. I ask myself these questions every day

Part of the ” The Art of Manifestation Workshop ” is to work out your life vision in advance. For this, right after signing up, you will receive a manual with tasks that will help you to find out who you are and what constitutes a fulfilling life for you. This is an important preparation to know what you want now.

Apply Resonance Law: Focus Vs. Let go

Wie bekommst du den scheinbaren Widerspruch von
a) fokussieren auf das, was du in dein Leben integrieren möchtest und die Vorstellung, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn es sich manifestiert hat UND
b) dem viel propagierten LOSLASSEN auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner?
Fokussieren und gleichzeitig loslassen… wie kann ich mir das vorstellen?

The focus is very very important. You have to be able to focus your attention on one thing for it to thrive. That goes for everything. Raise your professional projects and goals, partnership, children, etc. As soon as there is too little focus, it affects the matter. You do not really care about the partnership anymore and prefer to look away in conflicts. You do not give the child enough of what it needs and it can not develop properly. You lose the enthusiasm for a professional project and it ebbs away.

Love and enthusiasm must be rekindled and lived daily. In other words, what you do not love will leave you.

What does that have to do with letting go?

From wanting to letting go

When consciously wishing we have two essential steps that we go:

  1. as Want: I want something
    , it feels like the small child who necessarily wants ice. It shows and tells life that it matters to you. But we can not stay in that state forever because the law of attraction reflects what we radiate. If we let out the impatient will-to-do, fulfillment can and must not occur. Life will provide situations in which we will stay in the will, because that is what we send.

  2. Letting go: I have something to get, you have to feel inside that you have it. This has nothing to do with deception. Because tricking brings nothing. Life only knows the truth. If you can not feel the inner scenario because of doubts, fears and lack of feelings, then shadow work and therapy are on the agenda. Everything dark that appears here wants to be viewed and solved. Only then will you be able to really let go. Because only in a state of scarcity, the will can be maintained: “I really want something other than what I have now, because I feel so bad.”

By letting go, you can feel inside that what you desire will one day come. This means that you feel relaxed inside as well. Nothing has to change right now, you just go on in your life. You chill, enjoy your life and trust your intuition . This sense of correctness and coherence leads you to the right place at the right time, where the so-called “coincidence of fulfillment” can happen.

Letting go and keeping the focus are not contradictions.

Your released desire is part of your deeper vision of life. You can feel very clear “Yes! I am here to manifest that. These are the footprints I want to leave in the world. “

Manifesting involves consequences and actions

So you live your life as normal, except that you recognize the impulses of your intuition and follow them. Likewise, you will also follow your joy, which is related to your vision. On the way there is certainly a lot to do, which you put into practice with dedication and passion.

Every day you do something for your fulfillment because it feels right because you have joy in it and because you can not imagine anything more meaningful. This is a process that happens on its own. You’re just alive and living yourself. The end goal becomes secondary, because you live in the here and now, and you’re building your new reality. All your love, creativity and knowledge flow back into the material world.

Jeden Tag deine Herzensvision im Geiste zu halten und etwas dafür zu tun, ist der Fokus. Die Freude an der Umsetzung im Hier und Jetzt, ist das Loslassen.

Nicht aus dem Mangel handeln, sondern aus der Fülle

Du handelst nicht mehr, um einen Mangel zu vermeiden (Wollen), sondern konzentrierst dich auf das, was du stattdessen sein und haben willst. Du tust alles, was nötig ist, um so handeln zu können, als ob du es schon hättest (Therapie, praktische Umsetzung und das passende Mindset). Dies ermöglicht es dir, in das Gefühl von Haben und Sein zu kommen.

You may find yourself needing more self-esteem, self-confidence, or any competencies to accomplish your goals, and then you need to take care of that. These are the many intermediate steps on the way to your fulfillment; to a life that can not feel right and consistent.

In the ” The Art of Manifestation Workshop, ” you’ll learn how to develop the feeling of having and being inside. You also get to know the structure and possible solutions in order to be able to go through all intermediate steps so that the fulfillment can be achieved.

Why does not my wish come true?

Reader question: I know my goals and my wishes. I now know what I want / want. But even if I wish and imagine in the future … it just does not happen. Why is that?

I first step in it important to consider if that is really a desire of your heart; if this inner security really exists, that this is part of your life. This is achieved by sensitizing your self-awareness until you are able to feel your intuition properly.

The second step is to see if you have really let go of your desire – see above: From wanting to having and being. Working with the desires and desires does not mean striving to fulfill everything until life is perfect. But it is more a download of information where it goes for you in life; a direction and orientation guide.

With the desires and longings of your heart, you read your life, as on a map. That means letting go and patiently walking your path. Any attachment to the content of your life’s journey in the form “No, that must not change” or “That must be so and now” provides only for a development jam. With the attachment you work against the life plan, which is intrinsically grueling, and the new can not arise.

These are the two most important factors to consider. But there are other reasons why you do not draw into your life what you desire with the Law of Attraction:

  • You do not really want it: Deciding on a wish and deciding on a goal also always means a downside, because you can no longer pursue other goals. Are you aware of all the consequences and do you really agree with them?
  • Your focus is not clear : you want the one thing, another time the other. Keeping focus means not following your short-term cravings, but staying focused on your goal of true fulfillment.
  • Lack: You only want a fix for a deficiency condition and you do not see that intensive healing work is necessary to cure the causes of the deficiency. Your wish is only the guide and motivator.
  • Too little “desire power”: the desired is not important enough / too little enthusiasm
  • Too low probability: In your current setting, the probability is too low.
  • Doubt : These are the eternal companions of man and as a test to see if what you want is important enough.
  • Destructive Conditioning: Your thoughts and beliefs are in your way. (“I can not do that”, “that’s too good to be true”, “that does not work anyway”, etc.)
  • Open Wounds: Healing work is necessary to solve spiritual issues from the past and open oneself to fulfillment.

Finally, we can say that only what happens should happen. Nothing happens for no reason and nothing happens, which does not contain meaning. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize and difficult to understand the paradox of human life.

You can not force anything, and if you try it against your life plan, the setback will come. The disappointment is the “end of the deception”. The only thing that matters here is the constant recognition of what is for you and where it is for you. So, if something does not work, it is an invitation to self-knowledge , self-development, or simply practicing patience. 🙂

case studies

How do I attract financial security?

  1. Go into the concept of your fulfilled life with financial security and realize how it looks.
  2. Ask yourself what kind of person you need to be, so that you can put this into your life. What thoughts and feelings does this person have during the day that you see in your imagination?
  3. Then you know which version of your self you can grow into and which steps are necessary. Write it down and make a todo list of activities that go along with it (meditation, therapy, training, self-love, saving money, spending as well, etc).
  4. Write down your thoughts about money, wealth, the money system, the “rich,” and your self-worth.
  5. Take your necessary steps in the outside from step 3 and again step 4 to recognize and solve more beliefs.
Use this guide for any other request.

Where are my 40 million euros?

I’ve known the Law of Attraction for a long time and every now and then it worked. But what about my 40 million euro lottery prize, my dream house, my own bar and the 50kg dream body? Do not say that life is not a wish concert … I thought what you want, do you get?

With the law of attraction you create exactly the life situation that corresponds to your consciousness. If you have no idea why this is not there yet, you need to go deeper and develop further.

Even if you win the 40 million euros in the lottery, they would be out in the foreseeable future and you would be back to the account balance that you now have. Why?

Because 40 million euros is a huge amount of energy and power and your consciousness is not able to manage it. Even if you have a driver’s license, driving a Ferrari is different. You have to learn to handle so much horsepower. Follow the steps described above.


As you can see, I can better understand the law of attraction itself by understanding the connections between your mindset and your life situation. You can understand life better and use your influence.

Ultimately, it’s about feeling inside that feels like a magnet. For that the focus is important and a pure soul life.

It also does not stop at visualization and imagine something. The very simple action is an essential part. That’s how you get a stone rolling. You are moving in one direction and this opens up further perspectives and possibilities that can happen like coincidences.

So always keep these steps in your consciousness as well:

  • to broaden the awareness of the possible: what you can imagine can also become reality
  • make a step by step plan and act, get yourself into action
  • can perceive your intuition and act upon it
  • completely let go of the desire and no longer need the fulfillment
  • the mindfulness to recognize the signs in life

I wish you much success and love.

Now I’m looking forward to your question.

Put it down in a comment.

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