I recently received this reader question, which I would like to address in this article. I still do what others want me to do. I ignore myself. And I can not control that I do not follow my thoughts, I feel powerless . How can I be one with myself again? 

My Answer: What you can do when you feel powerless

Please start with the passage “I am powerless” – this is your responsibility for yourself. Be aware that your thoughts form your reality. If you want to change something, you can also start thinking here.

Connect now with the following sentence:

“I am powerful” or “I have the power”.

Write down this sentence or create a similar one that you can identify with. Make a note of it throughout the house, wherever you see it. Say it, sing it, feel it.

I mean that seriously, even if I do not think much of affirmations otherwise, but in that case it can help in the beginning, to listen more to yourself again.

The second thing you can do when the feeling of powerlessness comes over you is the pure feeling of that feeling. The important thing is that you do not jump back into the thoughts, but stay with the feeling.

So let yourself faint, into the feeling “I’m powerless”, fall and feel it, feel your body as well. Take everything neutral. Feel your body and feel it. Welcome it.

It is important that you do not oppress the feeling and do not want to “make away” the feeling with the affirmation. Because that’s why I do not like affirmation because it’s partly used for it, without heal- ing the pain inside.

I feel powerless: What else can you do

The third thing is that from now on you will be listening more and more to yourself. In other words, you will learn in small steps to refuse others. And then again, be fully with the feeling; namely before you cancel others and afterwards.

You may feel “wrong” about it. That’s the shame. Or there is a fear because the others might judge you. All this you just feel, no matter what happens there.

I wish you much success with it.

Do you know the feeling “I feel powerless”? Tell me about your experiences in a comment. 

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