I feel empty. Do you know such feelings ? In a conversation a few minutes ago I was allowed to get a nice mirror for my previous life story. I saw exactly my development in the story of my counterpart, who felt just as empty as I used to.

He told me he was so much in the head, also for work, and that it was a big fate for his life: his partnerships never lasted more than three months.

Especially the last statement had a big emotional charge and I saw the yearning behind it:

Finally, something long-term. Finally something with constancy. Finally go deeper. Yes, finally arrive!

And that’s exactly what our minds do not allow us to do. More precisely, the thought construct that everyone means when he says “I”: the ego.

It ensures that nothing is good enough in the long run. The job, the apartment, the cell phone, the car, the friends, the love partner and so on.

For the moment, things, people and situations may be OK. But soon, when a few weeks or months move into the country, then comes the criticism.

Suddenly you discover the imperfection, the downsides and the disadvantages. Or you are just bored because the habit occurs and the thing in the outside can no longer entertain you.

Then something new must come from. New lover, new job, new city, new car, new mobile.

This is the endless search and it will never end unless we stop.

It was the same with me. I felt empty.

But as I sensed inwardly that this whole game of racing and being busy did not bring any solution, my yearning for truth grew.

“Ask and it’s given,” they say. Question and it will be given to you. One of the universal laws of  life .

I did that and my answers came through books, workshops and people. But above all about the silence. The simple being in the moment, without distracting from myself.

What you can do when you feel “I feel empty”

What is the solution for the endless search on the outside?

It’s the way in. Only there can we find what we desperately seek: ourselves. You yourself. Myself!

It is the complete stop. Not reacting to any impulses that want to distract you from your self-perception. And receiving all that you discover on this journey.

It’s as big an adventure as climbing Mount Everest. Just different.

The remarkable thing is that the further you make the journey inside you, the more intense the outside life becomes: the sex will fill you again, the food will taste good and you will be able to love the sameperson longer – at least for more than three months. 🙂 You stop feeling so empty. 

When you find yourself, your self-love and therefore love for everything that exists, increases.

Phrases like “I feel empty” do not even come to mind.

So, the thing should be clear:

If you are looking for fulfillment outside, but you do not find it, then go inside.

This creates the connection to yourself and that changes everything in your life. Your whole feeling, your perception and your consciousness. Only with this inner self- attachment you are able to realize yourself.

All the best!

Do you sometimes feel “I feel empty”? Feel free to share your experiences or post a question in the comments. 

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