If you are looking for the meaning of life, you are looking for yourself.

It is a yearning for truth.

Often what we experience in life today is not fulfilling. Even if we have a roof over our heads and friends and family are there for us.

The external circumstances may still be so good, the yearning for self-knowledge can come at any moment and never let go.

Life literally wants you to open up to explore the deeper truth within you.

That is why we can never completely exclude spirituality in life.

Even if there are phases in which we have nothing to do with the philosophy of life and we neglect the connection to ourselves; when we plunge into our own unconsciousness and lose ourselves in the world.

At some point, the moment will come.

Your core is calling. Your soul is screaming.

Your consciousness longs to experience something that transcends the world of matter.

Spirituality is the bridge between what we can see and experience in the world and what is invisible to us.

Spirituality is the bridge to other worlds and levels with which we are still connected as we lead the game in this world of matter.

How can this work?

The difference between higher self and worldly self

There is the model of the “higher self” and the “worldly self”.

You are the worldly self as a human in your body experiencing the world of forms and colors.

The higher self is located on a higher, spiritual level. I also call the higher self as soul, consciousness or core.

When you play a game, it is you who controls the character.

You in a body are the game character in the game called Life and your higher self is “the player”.

Communication works through intuition and deeper feelings like longing.

When you get what longing, you can not control. Your higher self guides you through life.

To acknowledge this as a human being can be a big step.

It overshadows all your life plans as well as your desire to control life.

Ultimately, only in this moment do you have a certain feeling or impulse to do or not to do something.

And you have no control over it.

If you no longer see any meaning in life, you are in the situation where your mind is telling you that it would be better to have one way or the other.

The meaning comes by itself when we connect with the higher self. There we find the truth we were looking for.

Then life will live by itself. Simple. Without fight. Without effort.

The challenge is only to trust.

So, it’s a more complex game here, where the character called human has its own will and can defend against the well-meant impulses of the higher self.

It can be idiosyncratic and egocentric for a while, and it is rewarded with appropriate experiences.

Until the inner emptiness comes up and at least realizes that the egocentric way is not the right one.

The fulfillment, however, comes through the reconnection with itself. Complete and holistic.

That’s what we do here: reconnect and let life happen.

This is the path of consciousness, awakening, connectedness and love.

Do you feel connected to your higher self? Share your experiences with your higher self in a commentary.

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