No childhood is perfect and yet it helps to make oneself aware of a more loving version of a possible childhood. This protects you from the fact that the cycle of negative experiences is constantly reflected in reality. It can pave the way for a new life of love and happiness. For this work with the inner child is necessary. In this article, you’ll learn how to retroactively create your happy childhood and what to pay attention to.

Why should I define my happy childhood?

All your previous experiences, whether good or bad, have shaped you. They are deeply rooted in your subconscious in the form of basic beliefs. What you consciously or unconsciously believe defines what you think and feel about you and the people, and how you ultimately deal with them.

The people who have most influenced us in the past are our parents. So we can see the following:

  • In women, the partner reflects the relationship with the father of childhood
  • In males, the partner reflects the relationship with the mother of childhood

This for one. On the other hand, we have learned from our parents what partnership and love seem to mean without having experienced what love really is. Perhaps you strongly suspect that you yourself do not want to relive that in your own relationship, what you got from your parents.

However, because of the imprint that sits deep in your subconscious mind, you can not help but create exactly that reality that you experienced back then. It is an endless cycle that has only one goal: your awakening to a new reality in love.

The following steps are necessary for this:

  1. Make clear what you do not want anymore
  2. Be aware of how what happens now is related to your past
  3. Solve the ongoing conflict in your past
  4. Be aware of what you really want to have
  5. Follow your heart and slip into a more loving reality

For this we will work in this article with the inner child, heal the past a bit more and prepare your subconscious mind for a more loving future.

Before you create the happy childhood of your inner child

Before we start to create a happy childhood, the important thing to understand is that everything wants to be felt. We do not define happy childhood here in order to escape from the pain of past experiences. When pain, desperation, fear and sadness have accumulated from the past, then these feelings must all be felt .

Partly this happens with this process, so you should be open to any feeling that comes to the surface. But at the latest in the partnership we are confronted with the fact that the partner presses our “buttons” and activates old pain.

Be glad if that happens because then you can heal the pain. Do not project it by projection from you, but feel it through. I know that this can be very difficult. But if you want a future of love and happiness, you have to feel and heal what is coming to the surface now. And if it’s pain, then feel it in the depths.

So do not flee from a feeling, but allow it. Keep relaxing and give the feeling a space. Only the resistance creates suffering. The faster you tear off the patch, the shorter the pain and you heal your inner child.

Let’s start.

Create the happy childhood of your inner child

In the following way, you can reconcile with your inner child and give him what he needed so much back then. You need pen and paper and start writing your new past. In this case, you reinvent the story from scratch. True experiences can of course be included, but it is allowed.

You can add people to your relationship with your fellow human beings, especially your parents. It is less about the choice of words, so the content of the story. This is just a bridge to the feeling.

The goal of this process is to spark a new sense of love in your heart. Your present memories can make sure that your heart is closed and therefore little love flows in your life.

Here you can establish a new feeling by defining a new past. If you can feel it, it does not matter if it actually happened or not. This is where the creative power of your thoughts comes into play, with which you reprogram your subconscious a bit, creating a new reality.

Start writing at any point in your past and redefine everything to your liking. Feel at home in this performance. Have fun with it. Write in the past tense and take the inner view that it happened exactly like that. So you say the circumstances in the past have happened this way and that. Choose the words that touch you and lead to the feeling that you really want to experience in the future because of the new reality.

Just follow the flow of writing and notice that the touch of your heart and the feeling happens by itself. You do not have to worry about it. If you have to cry before touching it, that’s the sign that you hit the point. This is the yearning of your heart that is being healed by tears at the same moment. It is also the guidepost for your life, after which you will make your decisions to make it into your life.

Questions that you can answer in the happy childhood of your inner child:

  • Where and how did you grow up? City / country, house / apartment, garden / forest and / or in a community?
  • What was your relationship with boys of the same age and what did you do?
  • What was your relationship with girls of the same age and what did you do?
  • What was your relationship with your mother, what did you experience with her and how was she for you? What did she do for you and how did she support you?
  • What was your relationship with your father, what did you experience with him and what did you learn from him? What did he do for you and how did he support you?
  • How did your parents deal with each other? How was your partnership? How did you support each other? How did you experience it from the outside?
  • Were there siblings, animals, places, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunts, friends or other people you had a special relationship with?
  • How was the relationship with yourself? How did you live and love yourself?

These are the key points and questions to help you define your new childhood. It is important that you find solutions to all the conflicts in your real childhood, such as:

  • The missing father is present in a loving way
  • The missing mother is present in a loving way
  • You yourself do not replace the missing part, but you can just be the beloved and fulfilled child

While writing, do not focus on what you really lacked, but rather find out what you actually needed and give it to you now. Your focus in this process is on abundance and love. Because you are love. Nothing else. And that was already the case then. Be aware of that and do not save on happy events. Keep asking yourself if this is really the perfect childhood you can wish for.

Let the feelings of creating your happy childhood be solved

The best case is when your heart is touched again and again while writing. If that happens, take a short break and feel it. Let the tears flow when they come. With every tear you open your heart a bit further and are thus able to attract a life of love and abundance.

The process of writing will, at best, create a strong sense of love and warmth in your heart. The tears heal the wounds of the inner child and the heart becomes more open. The love that has always been in your heart is now increasingly felt. Take this in the middle of your chest was aware. After all, feel the feeling with you after writing and feel the love in you again and again.

After writing, lie down and put a hand on your heart. Feel yourself and your heart. Say in your heart, “I love you. I am Love”. That can help you. You can also do this exercise at any other time, for example every morning after waking up or at bedtime.

I wish you much success in this reconciliation with the inner child. Keep your new childhood present in your consciousness. Also, realize that you are carrying in your heart all the strengthening aspects that you have experienced from the people in your invented or actual childhood.

If you have questions or want to share your experiences, feel free to leave a comment below.

All the best,

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