This article is for anyone who wants to control life; They think that life is a single wish-concert, where everything can happen as one would imagine. This article goes to everyone who hopes for a happy life from fulfilling their wishes. Here I would like to tell you what it is all about, what you can fulfill, what not and how life actually works.

Fulfill wishes with the resonance law

Let’s start with the fact that you have an influence on your life. With the power of your thoughts and feelings, you have a certain charisma that draws this into your life, what you send out. In this way, you can actually shape your life yourself. As you describe it, I describe in detail in the first book: Things that I would have liked to know at 18 .

With wish fulfillment 100% control over life?

When people learn about this law of life, they are first suspicious. After the first successes of manifesting, they rejoice and come up with the idea of ​​wanting to completely control their lives. Anyone will eventually realize that this 100% control does not exist and that it would be quite boring.

Imagine that every morning you have the opportunity to decide how the day should go in detail. In the beginning you will be happy again because you finally get all you want. All your needs are met from back to front. You experience the fullness, or to the extent, how much you want to use it.

You no longer suffer bad luck, no precipitation, no strokes of fate. Everything flows like warm butter and the roast chicken fly into your mouth. 🙂 For a time that may be fulfilling, but soon paradise will be boring. Why?

Boredom, because control gives security

If you always know in advance what happens, life loses its magic. Life becomes lifeless. All the control and power you would have over life would make it boring at the same time.

Then you would like a change and stop fulfilling all your wishes or your new wish will be to not know what is happening today. And so you come back to the life you are leading now.

Where there is light, there is also shadow

In this context, you have understood that on the one hand, you do not have full control over life, even if a rough direction is given. You understand that good times belong to all the bad times in life, and vice versa. You understand that both sides are mutually dependent and create a balance in this human life.

The light needs the darkness to be perceived. Where there is only light and the contrast point is missing, you can no longer see the light.

This understanding of the duality with which we live here on Earth can help you to accept even the bad times in life and make the most of them. I know that’s not always easy.

Which wishes should I fulfill then?

The way is not to stop completely with the active shaping of life. However, if you’ve had your experiences, you’ll see:

It’s not about worrying about how to live your life now. You’re connected to something bigger, to life itself. That means it’s taken care of.

Everything you need for your journey is given to you.

Only if we have too much in mind, we can not see it anymore and think we have to keep everything under control. In fact, the real life is that we surrender. With the dedication to life we ​​leave the controlling role and deal with the wishes quite differently.

The desires of the heart

Many desires will vanish, because we realize that they are just a cry for security and have nothing to do with the true liveliness.

True life comes when you live from the heart.

With the question, “What shall I give?”, You can easily test whether a desire comes from the heart or the mind. Answer the question about each of your wishes and you will find out which are really relevant for you.

The desires of your heart is intuition – the mouthpiece of life that points your way. However, this voice is very quiet, which is why it requires a training of your mindfulness to be able to perceive it.

Conclusion for dealing with the wishes fulfillment

Life is not a wish concert and that’s a good thing. In truth, no one wants a life that is completely safe and has no surprises. The heart yearns for development and it only happens when we are creative and need to improvise. However, we only have the opportunity to improvise when we are exposed to a situation that we can not control.

In parallel, there is a common thread in life – for all of us. But this is only a sequence from one adventure to the next. It is a path of unfoldment where, by mastering challenges, we can recognize and realize ourselves more and more.

It is not always just about our head, but we have to be in harmony with life. This means that we surrender, receive the signals of life and implement them. These signals are not something that we have created ourselves, but they come to us.

In this way, life is an adventurous process of experiencing that we can imagine:

We are in a strange landscape and do not know each other. In our hands we hold a compass pointing roughly in one direction. Depending on where we are, he points in this direction, sometimes in another direction. At any time we have the choice to stop, to do nothing, to stop. Maybe we also discover a cave and stay safe in this place. Until it gets boring and we continue our journey and follow the compass.

The compass represents your desires of the heart.

Now you are allowed to get down to business and find out what desires are and make you fulfillment.

Leave the safe cave and start living the adventure of life.

What are your experiences in fulfilling your wishes? Please write a comment below.


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