In March. It’s wet and cold. And daily from my social circles from different directions hear the mantra “I can not, I’m sick”. Why do not I remember when I was last ill? Just because I open for my feelings ? Or maybe it’s (also) due to this super simple and bomb detox shot, which I eat every day. The recipe is available here in this article. 

Detox Shot Recipe

1. Get ingredients

In the picture you can see not only the ingredients, but also the approximate amount:

  1. 0.7 – 1L orange juice
  2. about 50-100 g turmeric powder or fresh
  3. about 200 – 300 g of fresh ginger
  4. a pinch of pepper
  5. Bonus: 40-80 g cinnamon

The quantities are estimated, since I always do that feeling. You are invited to customize it to your liking.

2. Mix everything

Put everything in the blender. If you are meticulous, you can peel the ginger. I just wash it and add it to bowl in pieces. Neatly mix. In the end, it should be thick, but still flow and properly reinballern 🙂

3. Done

You can fill up the Detox Shot substance in the orange juice bottle; Store in the fridge. You can then tilt it down as a shot or pour some juice and enjoy it slowly. Second is my favorite with blood orange juice, as I like the pungent and sour taste. One shot a day is enough, but if you want more, get in!

The Detox Shot is immediately noticeable throughout the body and also has an energizing effect.

I wish you much success and health!

If you have any ideas on how to stay fit during hard times, feel free to leave a comment below.


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