The unawakened man longs for security. He strives to build an illusory form of security by trying to control things and humans. Learn in this article how to control and how to overcome it.

You want to know in detail what your partner experienced with friends yesterday, for fear he might have had something with another person. You save your money and invest it to protect yourself for your future. You want to marry because it gives you some form of security. You take out insurance, for fear that something could happen to you.

I could continue this list endlessly.

People do a lot to control their lives in some way. They want to control everything that makes up their lives, to avoid one thing: to feel fear.

Man is afraid, that’s obvious. Without fear there would be no reason to want to control things. Control is an act of hedging and you do not have to hedge unless you are afraid.

The thing is that in all this doing people forget one thing: to feel the fear.

They are just busy gaining security to avoid fear. The real life goes past them. They can no longer enjoy their lives properly. Because there is always the fear and the desire to be safe.

The unconscious thoughts “I have to be safe. I have to be in control. “Take away the human presence. They are no longer fully present with their attention at the moment, but elsewhere in thought.

“Tell me you love me, so I think you will not leave me and I can feel safe.”

That’s the unspoken truth most people are unaware of.

How can I deal with the compulsion to control and my fear?

Suppose you recognize yourself here and want more freedom and quality of life – what is there for you to do?

Like every feeling, anxiety just wants to be felt.

So the way is to stop them. Let the action be for safety and instead dedicate yourself to feeling.

Allow yourself to be afraid. Open a room for her and feel. Allow the thoughts that might create a scary scenario. This is OK for this process. Let it happen without actively encouraging the story.

The fear in you is certainly connected with pictures and thoughts. They just look at you and realize that these are just thoughts.

It is not truth.

Fear in itself is not bad. It helps us to deal wisely with challenging situations, not rushing and balancing in total concentration over the rope.

But in our day-to-day life, to be honest, we do not need fear to the degree that it is actually generated and displaced by most people.

How fear is used in our society to control

The society is terrified and the media do their work for it. Scary movies, series and news. All this fuels the fear. It unconsciously captures people in their thinking and pursuit of security.

The fear, which is based only on imagination, is alienated and superfluous.

The true potential of human beings in this state never unfolds and is valid. For everyone who has power over others knows well about the power of the individual and their union.

In order to maintain power and control, the individual has to be intimidated (media) and a separation to his fellow men are suggested (competing religions, parties, clubs, companies).

Control compulsion: What is there for you to do inner freedom

It is important to recognize this consciously and it does not mean that you are no longer allowed to go to church, the sports club or your employer.

No, on the contrary!

It’s about consciousness, to overcome control compulsion. Understand these ways of identifying with ideologies and group affiliation.

Then go on living, but with the new awareness that there is no separation and that you do not have to be afraid. You radiate it every moment. This is the way consciousness radiates into old structures and then dissolves by itself and changes in the direction of love.

Connect with everything that is. Conscious and loving. When you are well, bring your consciousness to people, just by having contact with them. Love, what is.

Destructive media consumption can be avoided if it does not strengthen you. Take care of yourself, your feelings and your freedom from the pursuit of security.

How to overcome control compulsion

Let yourself fall into uncertainty. Open yourself for your trust. Accept every scenario that your thoughts of fear suggest.

  • Is it OK for you to lose your partner?
  • Is it OK for you to lose your job?
  • Is it OK for you if you can not pay the rent anymore?

What your anxiety thoughts suggest, usually has little to do with reality. That’s why it’s important not to let you control it. Face fear by encountering the worst-case scenario and feeling everything.

This fear is ultimately connected with the fear of death. Make friends that part of your life may die, though of course it will not necessarily happen that way. But that is the way to inner freedom.

This is a brave way, but you can do it. And more important: you will survive it. 🙂

I wish you the best.

What are your experiences with the control compulsion? Share or write your deeper questions below in a comment.

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