Control addiction is a special topic that affects us all. It would not surprise me if tears come to you as you do today’s exercises. If you want to understand why some people control others, be it in partnerships, companies or politics, find that part in you and read on here.

Like to put on the song “Creep” by Radiohead and then read on.

Everyone has this controlling part. The one more, the other as good as not at all.

I call this personality part “Creepy Controller” aka control addiction.

He is due to an unfortunate situation in the past.

And today he wants power over another person or over several.

He needs his attention because he is so thirsty for it.

And he has to keep the other small and control because his biggest fear is losing the source of attention.

Many politicians are addicted to the position of power.

Many a “love partner” is addicted to the “love” of the “lover”.

Many a boss is addicted to control.

Our controlling system in private, social and world politics is based on a deep, huge hole of self-esteem.

One thinks one is a nothing and no one and one therefore needs the esteem and recognition of the other.

Because you feel absolutely unlovable, you have to control people so they stay with you.

This helps you to understand all people who abuse their power and exercise some form of control that does not lead to love.

And now to you.

The change in the world can only happen if everyone does their job.

Where do you find the Creepy Controller in your behavior?

Where do you fight for attention?

Where are you addicted to control and can not let go?

Reflect on your relationships so far and see where you wanted to exercise power over the other.

Use your journal to write down your reflections.

If you find what you are looking for: Feel the control-minded Creepy Controller, do not deny it, it is currently part of your personality.

The creepy controller needs your attention. Give it a shape in your mind, see yourself in that shape and embrace it. Feel everything and feel with him / her.

If you feel like you’re done, talk to the part.

Tell him the truth, but lovingly. Take him by the hand and show him the fullness of life. Show him that he is adorable and just allowed to be what he is.

Show him that people love him. All his friends and all his relationships. Show him that he does not have to do anything to keep these people with him.

He does not have to control the source of love because he is love and loved. And should a person go, he still has himself.

Remind him of his loving heart.

It’s good if you do the same thing in your imagination and more detailed at your convenience. Let the parts speak for themselves. You and the Creepy Controller.

To deepen, you can then make the conversation again in writing. There will be another course here and the healing will go even deeper into your subconscious.

Also, argue why the Creepy Controller is adorable.

This heals you and transforms the control addiction. With each step of self-healing, you also heal the collective and thus solve the secular control structures.

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