Completing the past is necessary to discover its real potential and enter the reality of life. Only when we are liberated from the story, we are able to see things as they really are. Especially to ourselves. This article is meant to show you how to start making peace with the past.

Finish the past, what does that mean?

We are really free only when we complete the past. One result of this is that we feel free and easy in the here and now. There are no more parcels on our shoulders. We feel a trust in life inside and face the world with openness and love.

Everything that keeps us small and does not lead to love is just a reverberation of the as yet unresolved past.

The connection is quite simple. If I did not want to feel a sense of pain in the past and if I do not want it today, the pain in my life will come up again and again. The body of pain has its own vitality and feeds on thoughts and feelings of pain. He becomes the creator of our lives and creates things that we do not want in our hearts. We ourselves hardly understand the connections because we are identified with the story.

Healing is therefore also a step of self-knowledge . Pain is the basis of the ego, the voice in our head that pretends to protect us. She wants to protect us from what has happened to us so far.

What the ego, the illusionary self does not know, is that we are growing up today and well able to take care of ourselves. So the ego sees dangers where there are none, separating it from the environment where love could flow.

This happens until one recognizes oneself and reality; until you have finished the past and made peace with yourself.

In the following I want to show you 5 essential steps, how to proceed:

1. Accept past as it is

Only something can change if it is recognized in its essence. Therefore, the first step is to accept the situation as it is. To accept your past as it is, the following article will help you understand why your ” bad past ” can be a gift:

Why your bad past is a gift

2. Allow yourself to feel everything

A universal step is to increase the contact with the feelings and to let them go. Emotions are “felt” in this way and thereby no longer assimilate one’s own consciousness. The view of what is now becomes clear. The filter of the past disappears.

There is a self-healing system in humans, so that comes to light, which now wants to be and can be processed.

Do you allow yourself to be there and feel it, healing happens by itself.

So you do a lot for yourself, your liveliness and your healing as you improve the contact with your feelings. What this can mean, you will find out in this article, there you will also find a manual on how to feel:

Understanding and resolving feelings: What are feelings?

In particular, you might also be interested in this article:

How should I deal with my feelings?

3. Work up the past: start a therapy

Many are so scared of the word “therapy” and think that they would somehow be special in society. This is because we are currently living in a society of looking away and many just do not want to meet their feelings. Until you start a therapy and realize that all is not so bad and the soul just good. When everything is paid by the cashier, so much the better. Why not use the offer then? It can not do any harm, and it is indeed necessary for the vast majority of humanity.

More about the connections, which forms of therapy I like and how you deal with traumas, I describe here:

Healing the past: How do I deal with a trauma?

The step of therapy is of course all-encompassing. All the steps mentioned here are part of your therapy.

4. Meet your inner child

The “inner child” stands for your childlike parts. The experience of the past and all the longings for liveliness, playing, being wild, being creative, etc. are part of the therapy, therefore, to work with the inner child. You will find many books, such as the Completion Process by Teal Swan.

An exercise to heal the needs of your inner child is to create a happy childhood. More here:

Healing the Inner Child: Retroactively create your happy childhood

5. Let go of your past

Letting go consists of two directions:

  1. Past: Processing and releasing what holds us to the past
  2. Future: Remembering what we really want

Often one “sticks” to the pain and thus experiences the old story again and again, for example because one keeps telling oneself in the head over and over again. Here it is time to wake up and realize that these are only processes that take place in one, but that one is not really that.

If you follow the desire to recount the painful story over and over again, that is no cure. This will keep the pain alive but not resolved. Feelings as in the second step describe the feeling in the depth and let go of the story.

In the process of self-discovery and healing, it’s also good to focus on what you really want:

What do I really want? With these ways get your answers

You can read more about the positive orientation in this guest article:

Let go of the past


In everything that you do toward peace, remember that you have patience. It is a process of several years, in which you develop yourself more and more and have your own pace. A slow push forward is as good as an intensive care. Learn to trust what feels right and right for you. Be good to yourself. Honor, love and appreciate you.

I am also happy if I can also support you with my events . These aim to unfold your awareness and when dealing with your feelings, you will directly learn the universal method for healing and awakening . All dates can be found here .

If you accommodate the ways suggested here, you will notice a change over time. By loosing the past you will be able to feel your heart more and realize that you are a loving being. You will radiate that and your life and environment will be characterized by more love and abundance.

Abundance occurs when your pain-body is no longer your life-creator, but the wisdom and love of your heart.

To support you in this way of knowing is my passion.

All the best


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