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How do I find the right yoga mat?

Are you also looking for a yoga mator would you like to give a mat to a yogi at the last minute? But does not know which yoga mats are good, what a yoga mat should and how much money you should spend for it? I was also recently looking for a yoga mat and grabbed

Yoga at home: 7 tips for your own practice

For years I tried to integrate yoga into my daily morning routine. At first quite unsuccessful. Vague tips like “practice regularly!” Or “The most important thing for progress is practicing yoga at home!” Did not help either. That’s why I’ve tried different things over time and meanwhile the domestic dates with my yoga mat are increasing. If you

OM Chianti: May I drink alcohol as a yogi?

“Alcohol-free beer, really now?” My buddy from Munich’s eyes almost fall out of his head, as I order at the Indian around the corner of non-alcoholic beer. It is Sunday evening, I was the whole day at the lake and looking forward all the time to my beloved non-alcoholic. A little bit annoying me over the comment

Other types, other yoga practice: How to find “your yoga”

Yoga and Ayurveda are two closely related sciences, both rooted in the Indian Vedas. Ayurveda teaches us to keep our body and mind healthy , yoga strives for self-realization and requires a healthy body and mind. The two sciences have developed in parallel, constantly influenced and complementary. With its unique understanding of the individual human constitution, Ayurveda offers everyone the opportunity to

Where to practice yoga in Rishikesh

On my first trip to Rishikesh, I was completely flashed by the small town on the Ganges. So much that I traveled back two years later. At the beginning of March. An idea that turned out to be bad. In February and March the gurus gather in Rishikesh. Mooji with his giant sangha holds daily satsang, Shantimayi gathers her crew around and next door