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We love Yoga: 7 reasons for a regular practice

Let’s be honest: Sometimes the whole yoga here annoys yoga there. Yoga, if practiced correctly, is a panacea, it seems. Nevertheless, I have fallen hopelessly in yoga. Because if I do it regularly on the mat, I’m fine. So of course not everyone has to become a superyogi  , but why not try it? Seven very common reasons per yoga: 

5 scientific facts about meditation and yoga

1.     Meditating works against pondering The psychologists Vladimir Bostanov and Philipp Keune have neurophysiologically examined the brains of depressives before and after an eight-week meditation course. The result: The meditator’s brain responded much more strongly to acoustic stimuli in relation to the control group. The conclusion: The brain has learned not to constantly ponder and brings to the

Yoga exercises for the home: The 30-minute power kick

Let’s start with Sandras yoga exercises to wake up: Ego Eradicator The “ego-destroyer” is a classic from the Kundalini Yoga and is practiced for 3 minutes. Seats upright cross-legged. Roll the fingertips closely to the roots of the fingers. Pull your thumbs away from the rest of your fingers and stretch your arms upward at a 60 °

What is Karma Yoga?

As we stretch, bend and twist in the yoga studios, we seldom think that the path to yoga is much more than we can learn through asanas and meditation. Karma yoga, selfless action, for example, is one of the four yoga paths that promise bliss and satisfaction. However, karma is such an inflationary (and often misused) term