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The best way to travel: I found them

Reading time: 7 min The diehard backpackers swear by the cheap traveling with their backpack. The hotel tourists rather prefer the tidy room, the good service and the hotel pool. Again, the Flashpacker are looking for a mediocre between authentic travel with a little more luxury. But is there actually any particular type of travel? The only truth? The non plus ultra? Types

Roadtrip Travel: 4 reasons to travel by car

Reading time: 8 min We’ve all had them before. These unforgettable days on our travels, which you can not forget even years later. Almost every single detail is as close as if it had been yesterday. So memorable and beautiful. I had some of those moments while sitting behind the wheel and experiencing a journey that would have been impossible without

Wanderlust: Why the adventure never ends

Reading time: 7 min Travel is change. Travel is movement. Travel is chaos. Travel is doubt. Travel is love. Travel is loneliness. Travel is joy. Travel is openness. Traveling is getting to know each other. Travel is self-discovery. Travel is luck. Why do I travel and what does it matter with me? A declaration of love. The question of why My first trips started with just wanting to