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Mini Blog Booster # 8 – What is a Call to Action?

When blogging you inevitably stumble over one or the other technical term. And my mini blog boosters are not entirely innocent. One of those terms that I’ve used repeatedly is Call to Action. I’ll explain what that is and why (and how) your blog benefits! definition The term “Call to Action” can be translated as “Call to Action”. That’s

Mini Blog Booster # 7 – Why and how you should promote other bloggers

Do you occasionally promote other bloggers? So you mention and link them in your blog articles and social media postings? No? Then you should change that! Today’s Mini Blog Booster is all about “Spread the Love” – ​​and I’ll explain why that’s so important! Spread the Love – that’s why you should promote other bloggers!#miniblogbooster In the last few

Mini Blog Booster # 5 – How to blog regularly

Editorial calendar Maybe it’s because I’m a list and planning freak. But my secret weapon when it comes to blogging regularly is an editorial calendar! Many bloggers only keep an idea list of their blog posts, with no fix scheduled release date. But that is what makes it easier for me to blog regularly! So I am “forced” to