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How To: How to create an animated intro for your videos

Since the first Mini Blog Booster issue, I am not only regularly addressed to the content, but also asked again and again how I created the intro. And with the 10th issue coming soon (amazing how fast time goes by!), I’ve created a tutorial for you! Create an animated intro for your videos? Here is a how-to guide: That’s

9 reasons why you need to have an editorial calendar

You can not imagine a life without it in magazines, newspapers and on television. He provides new topics, exciting content and that the organization does not get out of hand. Of course, it’s about the editorial calendar! Even blogs are becoming more and more professional and are often comparable to an online magazine. But nevertheless the editorial calendar

9 stylish WordPress Themes for Lifestyle & Fashion Blogs

As a blogger, one actually leads an online magazine more than a personal blog today. This is especially noticeable in fashion and lifestyle blogs. And that must be appreciated – in such a way that your articles and pictures come to their best advantage. One approach that more and more bloggers choose is to select a magazine-style

How to Find the Right WordPress Theme

For a reason, there’s a post today on how to find the right WordPress theme for your blog! Again and again, bloggers who have quite euphorically asked for a new theme ask for help when it comes to individualizing and installing. But unfortunately all too often we encounter obstacles together – because often what the blogger thinks

Slow Blogging: Why not blog more often

There is a new trend in the blogging scene. He is not that new, it has been around for so long that even the media reported on it. But I have the feeling that lately more and more bloggers join the movement and also blog about it . What am I talking about? Slow Blogging! In simple terms, it simply means that there