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Maybe you wondered, what is the difference between a blog and a website? Is not that the same anyway anyway? Not quite … in this article, I’ll tell you what the difference between website and blog is, and more importantly, what the right choice for you and your business is when you’re self-employed. And I promise you: it will

Write blog 1 × 1: every article is a success

Imagine being in front of the PC for hours to write a blog post. Nobody reads then. Pretty stupid, right? Exactly. So do not even start with it. But write the same articles that are read with pleasure and are also found on Google! How do you do that and what to look for, I’ll show you in

This is how you find your blog topic & your niche

The decision is certain. You want to blog. Right, not just for fun. Your goal is to make money online and your blog should help you. You want more attention for what you do. Maybe you are just getting started and have no concrete offer yet. Maybe you are already successful offline and would like to start online now? In the second case,