With this simple trick you save time while blogging: with workflows!

Being a blogger is great. You can live your creativity, deal with things that interest you and get the most recognition for them. Not so great is that the day has only 24 hours and you spend a lot of it in the work. What’s left over is between your blog and your other hobbies (friends, family, …). Therefore, everything that saves blogging time is worth gold: workflows, for example!

The day has only 24 hours – with workflows you can save time while blogging!

In recent years, I have worked in various jobs myself, where I would have liked to have a little more time again and again. And that has brought me to the ultimate solution over time: workflows!

What are workflows?

In short, Wikipedia defines workflows as a “defined sequence of activities.” Not only does it sound totally easy, but it is also: Defining workflows simply means writing down sequences that keep coming back, so you do not even have to think about what’s next!

With workflows you save time because you do not have to think about what’s next!

You probably already have a workflow, even if you are not aware of it. Namely every time you write a blog article. For example, it could look like this:

  • you have the idea for a blog article
  • you write the blog article
  • you take pictures or create a post picture
  • you publish the blog article
  • you share the blog article on different channels

This is how you find your workflow

If you still can not imagine anything under “Workflows”, then perhaps another word for it helps you: To-Do lists! In principle, a workflow, like a ToDo list, consists of tasks that need to be done in a specific order.

You can easily find your own workflow by writing down all the steps involved in a single blog article. The result will probably be a list that looks very similar to the one I wrote down above.

Some points are self-explanatory: the idea for the blog article for example. For others, you’ll create a more detailed ToDo list in another step.

For your workflow, you list all the steps of a blog post in a ToDo list.

Here are a few examples of what questions to ask when creating your workflow:

  • Write a blog article:
    • Are there any fixes in your blog posts that should never be missing (eg a recipe, list of garments from your OOTD, …)?
    • For example, do you always write a personal introduction?
    • Do you ask your readers a question at the end of the article?
    • Did you proofread your post and vote for all links?
  • Images:
    • Do you have featured images for the different categories that are designed with a specific template?
    • Do you need a thumbnail for your posts (in WordPress a so-called “post picture”)?
    • Do you need to crop the images to another size before you can share them on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter?
  • Share blog articles:
    • On which social media channels do you share your posts?
    • In which Facebook groups do you want to share your articles?
    • Are there other sites where you share your posts (eg Foodgawker for Foodblogger)?
    • How many different sharing texts do you have to think about?

The result is a huge master todo list that you should always have at hand in the future when you write a blog article. If you have written down your workflow and all tasks once, you do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel and that saves time. Time to spend with your friends or family – without neglecting your blog or full-time job!

With workflows you do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel – and that saves time!

Where can workflows be used?

That’s the great thing: workflows not only help you save time while blogging. You can use them in any area of ​​your life where the same tasks are repeated. An example is the organization of family celebrations, then you will not forget any detail 🙂

Workflows help you in every area of ​​your life where the same tasks repeat themselves.

Apps & Tools for Workflows

By the way, there are many different ways you can organize your workflows. For example with any app that supports ToDo lists (eg Wunderlist ) or project management tools (eg Trello ). But just as efficient is a simple A4 sheet that you will reprint for each blog article.

Do you have a to-do list or workflow that can help you save time? Leave a comment and tell us if you are using an app (and if so which) or if you prefer to work with paper and pencil!

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