This is how you find your blog topic & your niche

The decision is certain. You want to blog. Right, not just for fun.

Your goal is to make money online and your blog should help you. You want more attention for what you do. Maybe you are just getting started and have no concrete offer yet. Maybe you are already successful offline and would like to start online now?

In the second case, you may feel that you already have a topic for your blog anyway. After all, you already have a business. But beware: your company content is not automatically the perfect theme for your blog!

Or do you still have no idea what you want to write about in the future and what you want to earn money with?

In this article, I’ll tell you why the right blog theme or niche is so important to your success. And tell you how to find your blog topic and your niche!

Why blog topic and niche are so important?And how do you find them? You’ll find out in this blog article

Who should think about the right blog topic and blog niche?

This question is very easy to answer: Anyone who wants to be successful with his blog.

10 years ago, the internet was a blogger’s paradise. Because there was hardly any competition. We wrote what we wanted: crafts, baking, raising children, walking routes, …

But at some point in recent years blogs were suddenly “in”. Almost everyone today knows what a blog is. Or at least that there are blogs. Because there are so many.

And that’s exactly the problem. If you start a blog today, you can not just write about your life and hope that enough internet users will catch your eye.

If you start a blog today, you can not just write about your life and hope that enough internet users will catch your eye.

If you’re launching a blog today, then you should consider a topic your blog is focused on. And more than that: you should look for a niche that will help you stand out from other blogs and bloggers. So you lay the foundation for success!

What is the difference between blog topic and niche?

Blog Theme and Blog Niche are two very related terms and I do not even know if there is a general definition. I’ll tell you mine: Basically, the niche is just a specific area of ​​your blog topic that you focus on with your blog.

Let’s look at this with a few examples. For example, blog topics could be:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • family
  • fitness
  • self-realization
  • technology
  • to travel
  • Do it yourself (DiY)

The list can be extended almost infinitely. And you see, the topics are very open and extensive. For example, having a tech blog may mean you’re writing about the latest smartphone models. Or that you show others how to program their own robot. The niche should be a lot more specific than the topic!

The blog theme is very general, the niche is more specific.

This is how you find your blog niche

Once you have decided on a topic, there are three approaches to becoming more specific and finding your niche:

Option 1: Focus on a small subsection of the topic

Option 1 also focuses on the topic, but you focus on a small part of it. Here are a few examples:

  • Fashion → Fashion blog that specializes in fashion (tips) for large dress sizes
  • Beauty → Beautyblog, which shows readers how to make natural cosmetics themselves
  • Food → Blog, which specializes in the Paleo diet
  • Fitness → Blog showing how to keep fit with bodyweight training

What is not considered here? You guessed it: the target group. Whether the reader is interested in Paleo nutrition is 50 or 25, male or female, athletic or couch potato – that does not matter in this case. Different from option number 2.

Option 2: Focus on a target audience

Although you need a basic theme here, you are more geared to the needs of your audience and the topics that are relevant to them. Here are some examples:

  • Family → you write for mothers with twins
  • Lifestyle → Lifestyle blog for women over 40
  • Food → You specialize in people with intolerances
  • Technology → you are attracted to “digital immigrants” (people who have not grown up with the technology and the internet)

This method has the advantage that you are a little freer in the topic choice for blog articles. But you have to know your target audience very well to know what they are busy. This is always useful if you yourself are part of your target group.

Option 3: Combine the specialization on subject sub-area and target group

And last but not least option number 3. I know it costs some overcoming, because you can easily feel that you are getting so few readers on your blog. Whether this is the case, you should take into account in the research in any case!

Again, here are some examples:

  • Beauty → Natural cosmetics blog (topic) for men (target group)
  • Setup → You show people who want to move into a Tiny House (target group), how to set up their Tiny House (topic)
  • Do it Yourself → You’re blogging simple craft manuals (topic) for educators (target group)
  • Fitness → Sports for nerds
  • Fashion → Vintage fashion for plussize women

Do I need a niche? Yes. Here are 2 reasons:

I have shown you the difference between topic and niche. If you ask yourself, “All right, but do I really have to focus on one single topic? I’m so interested in so many things and there are certainly people who feel the same way? “My answer to this question is,” Yes, you have to confine yourself to a topic and a niche. ”


Reason # 1: The likelihood of a reader becoming a master reader is greater

When your readers come to a blog, they have to see what awaits them. If you lose yourself between recipes, travelogues and strategies for more awareness in everyday life, then the chance that they will become regular readers is low.

And they are the master readers you want! Because winning a new reader is much harder. And turning a new reader into a paying customer is almost an impossibility. Especially the readers who have been following you for a long time will buy!

Making a new reader a customer is much more difficult than a regular reader. The recipe to come to Stammlese? You need a niche!

Reason # 2: It’s easier to attract well paying customers

But not only the argument Stammlese is what is striking here.

Let’s look at the question “niche or not?” In an example in the “real” world. Let’s make a comparison between a Nike store and H & M (two completely random stores, by the way).

When I go to the Nike store, I have a special mission in mind: I want to buy sports equipment. Although I can do that at H & M, I can be sure of the Nike Store

  • to be advised by experts (eg if I am looking for the optimal sports bra)
  • I assume that I get better quality than H & M
  • and I am willing to spend more (or just because of that)

Sounds obvious, right?

Therefore, even if you already have a business, it is important that you focus on a niche in your blog!

That’s how a niche can help you

Put it this way: a niche makes life easier for you at all levels. For example:

  • With niche it is easier to attract new (stem) readers. 
    I already touched on that above. But another example: Imagine, someone comes to you via a Pinterest posting about a relaxation technique. The topic of mindfulness and relaxation greatly interests the reader. But unfortunately it’s not about your blog – that’s about trips with the family, your outfits, …. The probability that he (strain) is reader, is rather small … 
  • You can write better blog articles
    Or if you see it from another page: you know which topics interest your readers and therefore write tailor made blog articles. They are shared and commented more often! 
  • The promotion becomes easier
    Speaking more often shared: Shares of your readers take you a lot of work. And otherwise, promoting your blog articles will be easier, because you can use the promo channels that fit perfectly with your topic. If you’re writing about solar energy, you’ll get more results on Twitter than on Pinterest.
  • You can earn more money
    Be it from cooperation partners or because you offer services such as coaching, counseling or training. If you have a niche for your blog, sooner or later you will be seen as an expert. And experts like to pay a little bit more …

A niche will ease your blogger life on all levels. Here are the 4 biggest reasons why you should finally look for one.

By the way, it’s not a problem if there are already blogs in your niche. With a USP (so unique feature) you can stand out from other blogs. But as a basis for that you need a promising niche 😉

How important is it to select the right topic at the blog start?

To be honest, it’s incredibly important that you have some idea of ​​what you want to blog about. That’s the way to quickly position yourself as an expert in your field. Think about your blog topic best when you are writing your  blog concept  . Then you have a first direction and a clue in which direction your journey should go.

Yes, it may be that your focus will change a bit over the next few years. Then your readers can grow up later and you can expand your portfolio. You may even notice what your target audience is most interested in during blogging and align accordingly.

Even if you do not know 100% what your niche is at the blog launch: you should at least have a rough roadmap for your blog concept!

Something else is when you write about beauty today and in half a year about technology. The jump from one topic to another is too big and you will find it hard to rebrand. That’s why it’s important that you think about it at the beginning!

How do I find the right blog topic or my niche?

Finding the right blog theme for you is not always easy. The first step is definitely always a brainstorming, in which you write down which topics interest you.

Here are a few questions that will help you:

  • What can I do well and maybe even better than others?
  • What interests and motivates me?
  • Is there a topic that I deal with frequently or intensively?
  • Where do I always get advice or help (eg from friends or family)?
  • What topic can I talk about until I turn black and come from the hundredth to the thousandth?

When you’ve finished your brainstorming, it’s time to go to sleep. Because the decision for your blog theme will accompany you for the next few years and should not be too fast.

Then you can slowly get down to business, review your ideas, and pick out the one that appeals to you the most and is the most promising. The following questions will help you:

  • Would I like to deal with the topic in 3-5 years?
  • Is there enough interest in the topic? (or put another way: Do I solve a problem with my future readers?)
  • Can I spontaneously find 20 blog article ideas to write about?
  • Is the competition (ahem, the competition) manageable?
  • Can you earn money with the topic?

Are you already familiar with the topic and especially the niche of your blog? Can you go into more detail about your niche? Leave a comment and tell me your niche – or what you will find particularly difficult when choosing!


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