Successful blogging in 2018: 14 myths that you can no longer believe

There are myths in pretty much every area of ​​our lives.

Weight Loss Myths, Sports Myths, Childrens Education Myths, …. You probably already have a few in mind, right?

Through the Internet, they are spreading faster and faster, and we are tempted to believe them – even blogging.

You have your own blog, maybe longer, but maybe just started. And what do you want? Na logo: be successful, win more readers and make money in the best case. But you can not do that if you believe the myths floating around the web!

That’s why I tell you in this blog article the 14 biggest blogging myths that you can no longer believe from now if you want to blog successfully.

Myth # 1: I start a blog and the readers will come by themselves

Wait, that’s right.

So if we take a time travel and beam back to the year 2008.

At that time it was really (almost) like that. Because there was hardly any offer in the blogging sector and only a handful of blogs on a topic. If you started a blog back then and blogged relatively regularly, you figured out you’d be successful.

As you can imagine, this is different today.

Today there is so much “noise” on the internet that you just go down with your blog too easily. In a world where a Facebook post has only a few hours to live, you must actively promote your blog and shout out into the world, “Here I am and have something to offer you!”.

Perhaps the biggest mistake in blogging

Incidentally, this is perhaps the biggest mistake that not only new, but also experienced bloggers make: they are not present enough. Worse, they are even scared to annoy their readers with their content.

Perhaps the biggest mistake in blogging is not being present enough! #successful blogging

Have you ever had this feeling?

You do not have to hide! If you offer your readers added value (and I’m assuming that), then your readers will even be grateful to you for keeping your articles under their noses until they finally clicked on the link 😉

Myth # 2: I better not opt ​​for a niche, otherwise I restrict myself too much

I keep hearing this: if I choose a niche, then I can not fully blog what I want to do.

Yes that’s true. And yes, that’s good!

When you build a Lifestlye blog around your own life, you must always be in focus and bring your person to the front, as many influencers do. But that also means a lot of work, always being present, hardly any privacy. For many of us, that’s not what they think of as “blogging successfully.”

A niche limits – and that’s a good thing! Because that has a lot of advantages if you want #successful blogging!

The advantages of a niche?

But if you decide to build a blog around a specific topic (your niche), it has a number of advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • It’s easier to build a community because you connect people with a common interest
  • You’ll automatically win loyal regular readers interested in each of your blog articles, not just every third article you post
  • You can monetize your blog more easily
  • Search engine optimization becomes easier and more successful (eg through the useful linking of your articles to each other)
  • sooner or later you will become an expert in your field

Myth # 3: I’m not on social media yet, so it does not pay (anymore) to sign in from there

“I want to be successful with my blog, but social media is not for me.”

Can you say, but you should not.

Because that would be like being a ski instructor and not working at temperatures below 15 degrees. A nice idea, but probably not feasible in practice.

Like a blog, social media channels are an important part of the online marketing mix.

Like a blog, social media channels are an important part of the online marketing mix. That does not mean that you have to turn your full attention to a social media channel like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, … and become a social media zombie who’s always on the phone.

But the networks are a great way to reach new readers who may not yet know your blog. And, of course, to make contacts and support each other. And with the right system, you can reduce the time you spend online to a minimum.

Pinterest, the new traffic machine

Last year, especially for blogs, a new social network emerged as a true traffic machine: Pinterest. And this year probably no blogger will come around it. If you have not been into it yet, I recommend my blog posts on bloggerpinterest.

Further information about Pinterest can be found for example in Alexandra Polunin or Kaleidocom .

Myth # 4: Search engine optimization is too complicated for me

Sometimes I have the feeling that SEO is blogging what statistics are in the study: everyone is afraid of it, finds it extremely complicated and therefore prefers to stay away from it.

This applies to both statistics and SEO: this is not so complicated if you have first dealt with it and not blocked from the outset.

SEO is not as hard as you think. You just have to dare to deal with it at last! #successful blogging

Okay, I admit that there is a small flaw: the criteria for good SEO are constantly changing. Just as the Internet is generally evolving. But if you understand the SEO basics for bloggers , then you can adjust very well and quickly to these changes.

And the good news: SEO tends to get easier and not more difficult! Reduced to the basic essence one could say: write an article with added value and solve a problem of your readers and “the Kas is g’spitzt” as one says so beautifully in Austria. (to German: … “the thing is done”) 😉

Myth # 5: Every blog article has to be SEO-optimized, otherwise it is worth nothing

Bloggers who have understood how search engine optimization works, then often have only one goal: to land with every blog article as high as possible in the search results.

And what’s wrong with that?

In principle, nothing. However, you only limit yourself and maybe even take the fun of blogging.

There are topics that have so few searches that any SEO professional will tell you: do not waste your time writing a blog article for the keyword.

“Valuable” is every article that offers added value!

But what if you care about the topic? Then write an article about it! Whether you’re telling why you picked your blog topic, sharing a customer’s story, or something else – as long as you add value to your readers in any way (even if you’re showing off your human side and so on Win a trust), it is allowed to write a blog article about it.

You can blog about things that matter to you – even if the keywords are rarely searched for! #bloggingmythos

You may then attract fewer visitors through Google and other search engines, but there are other channels that can bring you traffic: social media or your newsletter.

Build multiple traffic sources!

On the contrary, it is even good to write articles for these channels from time to time and not just a traffic source. Because imagine, you fully rely on Google and change their algorithm. It can happen that you will not get any visitors at all. Nice stupid, right?

Therefore: do not just focus on SEO or just on Facebook or just on Pinterest … but be sure to get a bit of traffic from everywhere.

Myth # 6: Blogging costs nothing

What sets really successful bloggers apart from everyone else?

They are not afraid to pick up money.

As a blogger you are basically an entrepreneur: if you do not risk anything, then you will never be one of the big ones. This applies, among other things, the dear money: to be successful, you have to invest.

Successful bloggers are not afraid to invest in their success.Because in the end it pays off … #successful blogging

Investments that you can not avoid when blogging

The absolute basic investment you need to make as a blogger is to buy your own domain and web space.

Having your own domain means your blog has a URL like and not or This looks more professional, is much easier to remember and has benefits for search engine optimization.

Having your own webspace means that you buy storage space on the Internet from a provider such as World4You * or Raidboxes * and install your WordPress blog there. You’ll need to spend a bit of time with the technique, but you can fully understand it (and the data you put online). No unwanted ads are displayed, you can back up, take better care of your privacy, …

* Affiliate Links

These investments will come to you in the future

Sooner or later you will have to invest money in a newsletter service and maybe in a social media tool that saves you time on the social media channels.

And if you’re stuck, it pays to invest in a blog coaching, where you get a look and feedback from the outside.

Myth # 7: When I share articles from other bloggers, I lose my readers

I’ll tell you something: just the opposite will be the case.

This is one of the most important strategies with which I successfully promoted my blog.

That’s why I also know that it can be scary to share blog posts from someone who has more readers than you or has been around for a while.

Do not be afraid to do something good for others!

But if you dare, then you can build relationships with the other bloggers and, sooner or later, even benefit from their reach. Because every article you share with another blogger is a kind of networking. You just have to make sure that the other gets it 😉

Dare to share articles from other bloggers. Then they will also share your posts! #networking #successful blogging

And your readers will also thank you: show them that you really care about helping them. They will continue to follow you because they know they are in the right place with you!

Myth # 8: The Best Way To Make Money With A Blog Are Sponsored Posts

You want to earn money with your blog?

Then you’re definitely thinking of sponsored posts. Say: you write an article about a product and get paid by a cooperation partner.

But is that really the best way?

No, because you are dependent on other companies. But there are a number of other ways to make money from your blog that are even more lucrative and that you can fully rely on yourself: offering online courses, services, e-books, … just a few to call.

Sponsored posts are not the only and / or best way to make money from your blog … # Blogging myths

Even if you only blog at the beginning of a hobby, you will sooner or later become an expert in your field (see Myth # 2) and can then offer your knowledge!

Myth # 9: I have to constantly create new content

How is that a myth? But what should I write about if I do not write any new articles?

The magic word is: Recycle content!

This means that, for example, you take a blog article that you have already written and edit it in a different way.

So you can recycle your blog articles

Here are a few examples:

  • make a podcast episode out of it
  • shoot a video for your youtube channel
  • Go on Facebook or Instagram Live and discuss individual points from your blog article with your followers
  • create quotes in the form of pictures and use them for your social media channels
  • do a workshop or webinar from your blog article

Why content recycling makes sense for your readers

Again, many bloggers are afraid that “you can not do that”. In doing so, I always keep in mind: we all consume media differently.

Some prefer to read blog articles, others hear podcasts while walking, and others still only watch videos.

Thus, you are simply offering your readers new ways to share your knowledge!

Myth # 10: To get a lot of traffic, I have to blog every day

Another myth, which is related to the above, often arises from a mistake:

“If I blog every day, then I get more pageviews.”

That’s true, but it has a huge drawback: you’re burned out fast and have less time to promote your blog articles. And just the application is a very important part of blogging. Because if the articles are there, but you do not tell anyone about them, that does not help much.

Slow blogging is the new daily blogging!

I myself am a fan of Slow Blogging : I do not blog too often. If so, then it is important to me to publish as extensive and helpful articles as this one here.

You do not have to blog more often to get more traffic. But make good use of the time in between! #successful blogging

On the one hand, I use the time between the blog articles to research for new contributions, but above all for advertising.

Especially at a time when there is always new content being published, which is often interchangeable, you can stand out from the crowd.

Myth # 11: No matter what you do, do not make mistakes!

Let’s make a mental trip.

We are in the world of airlines. In every plane there is a black box that records what happened in the event of a crash.

Captain Sullenberger, who spectacularly landed a plane in the Hudson River in the middle of New York some years ago, said afterwards:

“All aviation knowledge exists because somebody crashed somewhere.”

Learn from your mistakes!

You do not have to crash right away, but we can transfer that principle to ourselves: all our knowledge about what works and what does not work is only because we tried it ourselves – or someone else for us.

That’s why I want to encourage you: dare to risk something and try things out. Dare to make mistakes!

And for reassurance: there are only very few mistakes that can not be ironed out somehow 😉

Myth # 12: The Internet is a lawless space

Although there are still many people who think that, it’s just not true.

Best examples are warning signs that repeatedly roll through the country and in which bloggers have to pay penalties for a missing imprint, illegally used images and so on.

The Internet is not a law-free area – even if many still think that!#impressum obligation #bloggingmyths

I am not a lawyer, so I do not want to go too far on this issue. But the fact is:

  • You need a complete imprint. With name, address and all the trimmings.
  • You need to think about privacy and not just install tools like Google Analytics, without pointing them out, or using a foreign newsletter provider without further thought.
  • You can not just use pictures from the internet, but you have to familiarizeyourself with the different usage licenses .

Interested in the topic of privacy? Practical tips on this can be found, for example, on the blog of lawyer dr. Thomas Schwenke .

Myth # 13: If I’m not successful in a short time, my blog is not good enough

Unfortunately, this myth is repeatedly fueled by articles in which bloggers tell you how they reached 10,000 readers within a month.

The problem: often techniques are not feasible 1: 1 and sometimes things are kept secret or statistics are displayed unusually.

In this context, I like to quote my former math teacher (and I really only do that very gaaaanz rarely): “Do not trust statistics that you have not falsified yourself”.

Building a successful blog or online business takes time.

Sure, there are exceptions to people starting a rocket launch. But as I said, that’s not the rule.

Set realistic goals

What’s more, your blog keeps growing, albeit slowly. And it helps if you set yourself realistic goals: what do you want to achieve? Do you want to win customers over your blog? Sell ​​a product (eg an e-book)? Or position yourself as an expert?

If you have your big goal in mind and know what milestones you need to achieve, it’s easier to stay motivated!

Myth # 14: My blog articles are so well written that there are no pictures, subheadings or anything like that

So, the following: Reading on the Internet is different.

A text that you take from a magazine and put 1: 1 on a blog will not be read.

No matter how well you write – subheadings, pictures and regular paragraphs are indispensable on the Internet! #successful blogging

You know that from your own reading habits: online it has become common for articles to be flown over. You scroll down a page and occasionally hang on eye-catching elements such as subheadings or pictures.

Or have you read about here all the blog article? If so, then I would like to thank you very much 🙂

So remember: No matter how well you write. Anything that loosens up your blog article is allowed – and also helps with search engine optimization.

What about you? What myths have you believed until just now and have you kept back from blogging successfully? Leave a comment and tell me!

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