Slow Blogging: Why not blog more often

There is a new trend in the blogging scene. He is not that new, it has been around for so long that even the media reported on it. But I have the feeling that lately more and more bloggers join the movement and also blog about it . What am I talking about? Slow Blogging!

In simple terms, it simply means that there is a trend to blog less – that is, less blog articles to publish. In other words, quality comes before quantity!

Why blog more often?

It’s quite tempting: the more you blog, the more readers usually come to your blog. But that can be quite deceptive, because on average, no more readers come to a blog article.

You blog more often because you think so to get more readers?Here’s your mistake:

Nevertheless, this instant feedback is great for the ego and you quickly get into a whirlwind: maybe there’s going to be one more blog article per week? However, the result is often that the quality of the blog article gets worse (if not next week then perhaps in a month or a half year). Or you write a blog article after another, but you have no time to promote your blog articles. And how should new readers come to your blog? And in the worst case, even the dreaded “Blogger’s Block” hits you!

What does slow blogging mean?

As I wrote above, slow blogging means quality goes before quantity. Not the excessive blogging, in which you publish several blog articles every day “must” is in the foreground, but the added value for the reader.

Slow blogging is about quality over quantity – that means you only blog if you have something to say!

If you have nothing to say, do not blog! Bloggers who belong to the Slow Blogging Movement usually write articles with more substance, which are better researched, have better storytelling and nicer photos (depending on which genre they belong to). And because there is no time pressure, which forces them to complete blog articles in Husch-Pfusch actions.

Does that mean slow blogging does not require an editorial calendar or regular schedule? 
Yes and no. There are bloggers who really only post occasionally and have no fixed rhythm. These bloggers usually have a (large) community behind them.

Besides, we humans are habituation animals. That is, we like to have articles from blogs that we read always go online at the same time.

And personally I find the danger too big to forget about blogging if I write only once a month or even less often an article. If you want to try out slow blogging, I suggest that you reduce the number of blog articles per week at the beginning.

Should I blog less?

If you have blogged (several times) daily or several times a week, then the prospect of reducing blog articles can be frightening. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking:

You wonder if you should blog less often? Here is the answer!

  • Do you feel that your creativity suffers because you have to blog all the time?
  • Do you feel that your readers are no longer completing reading your articles?
  • You are often looking for hours for new ideas for blog posts?
  • You insert between “normal” postings gap filler with only 1-2 sentences and a link or picture?
  • You want to have more time again to read other blogs and let yourself be inspired?
  • Do you think the quality of your posts suffers because you are constantly under time pressure?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the Slow Blogging Movement is for you! But do not worry: you do not have to do it the same way excessively and blogging only once a month, but can reduce the number of blog articles slowly 😉 That brings you namely the following advantages:

Benefits of slow blogging

Less blogging usually means less stress. It does not automatically mean that less traffic gets on your blog. Disclaimer: But it is not excluded, especially in the first time!

But there are a number of ingenious and compelling benefits, including slow blogging and the fact that you do not have to constantly produce content:

Rarely blogging does not automatically mean less traffic!

  1. You have more time to promote your blog posts
    Suppose you’ve written 4 blog articles a week, and each took an average of 2 hours. Now if you reduce to 2 blog articles, you have 4 hours left to spend on promoting your blog articles and attracting more visitors. So on social media channels to share, create newsletters, etc.
  2. Longer Blog Articles = Better SEO
    But even if you do not feel like investing the time gained in blog marketing, Slow Blogging will probably bring you more readers. At least if you write long, detailed blog articles. They are very much appreciated by Google and are ranked higher – which means more internet users can find your blog in the search results.
  3. Mehr Zeit = bessere Qualität = zufriedenere Leser
    Die Zeit die du gewinnst, kannst du natürlich nicht nur ins Blog Marketing investieren, sondern auch darin neue Blogartikel zu erstellen. Dadurch kannst du Blogartikel mit besserer Qualität schreiben – ob das heißt, dass du mehr Zeit ins Fotografieren investierst oder in die Recherche, hängt von dir und dem Thema deines Blogs ab. Alles in allem wird es aber dazu führen, dass deine Leser zufriedener sind und deine Blogartikel lieber teilen und dich ihren Freunden weiterempfehlen.
  4. You have time for other projects
    If you spend all your time creating content for your blog, you have no time to think outside the box and discover what’s left of your blog universe. As a blogger, you have so many options: shoot a video, create an e-book, write a newsletter, cooperate with other bloggers and organize offline events for your readers! As a result, you can, for example, strengthen your community or even create new revenue streams that are not traffic-dependent.
  5. You’re blocking Blogger’s Block or Burnout
    “Blogger’s Block” is a buzzword you hear more and more often. It means nothing more than being burnt out, having no ideas and staring at a white computer screen for hours because you do not know what or how to write. If you’ve had the experience before, or just do it, then celebrate slow blogging and do not force yourself to produce content!

This is how you join the Slow Blogging Movement

You answered the questions above with “yes”? And slow blogging sounds like what you and your blog need right now? Here are 4 steps to join the Slow Blogging Movement:

With these 4 steps you can join the Slow Blogging Movement:

  • Step 1:
    Reduce the number of blog articles so much that you have enough time to prepare properly.
  • Step 2:
    If you’ve blogged 5 times a week and now blog only 2 times, your readers will wonder what’s going on. So tell them why you’re releasing less popular blog stuff now!
  • Step 3:
    In your blog planning avoid articles that are “gap fillers” and post only if you have something to say.
  • Step 4:
    Use the extra time you have available for one of the benefits listed above – or enjoy your free time and let yourself be inspired by your everyday life!

How do you feel about slow blogging? Leave a comment and tell me: How many times are you blogging right now? Could you imagine reducing the number of blog posts you have?

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