Offline? 8 Things You Can Do for Your Business Blog Without Internet

On Monday there was an internet outage in my home office. Nothing worked anymore: answer and send e-mails? Nope. Schedule Social Media Postings? Nope. Listen to the radio? Nope. (I belong to the sort of people who do not have a “normal” but an internet radio at home …)

So after a first hint of panic that cut me off from the outside world, I made a cup of coffee and started to think about it. After all, there are people who survive without internet. And after the first few setbacks (even the tax can not be done easily without the internet, online banking and so on …) I found some ideas. And found that I could often treat my blog more often a small internet-free phase 😉

Offline? You can do these 8 things without Internet for your business blog.

1. Write a blog article

You know that for sure: there is so much to do in your business that writing the blog article is just not enough. Also, if you actually want to blog regularly. And there is such a loss of Internet actually a very nice opportunity. One is not distracted by Facebook, no notifications for new emails fly in at the edge of the screen, … in a word: silence. So perfect to sit down and finally do what you do not have time to do according to the calendar. And you can do the uploading as soon as you have access to the internet again.

No distraction by Facebook & Co? Then take the time to write a blog article!

2. Lead the success journal

I keep a success journal, a kind of diary, in which I keep registering what successes I’ve enjoyed in my business and in private. Although once a month I have an appointment on my calendar, so I do not forget to fill it, every now and then something comes in between … But what you have achieved everything, you can also without Internet!

3. Listen to podcasts

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. Mostly I listen to science or history podcasts in the evenings before going to bed to get down. But there are also a lot of great business podcasts, some of which I’ve subscribed to and automatically upload to my smartphone. But I often do not have time to listen to them. Or I have a guilty conscience because I feel like there is so much to do and can not sit still and “just” listen. Such an internet failure is a great opportunity to do it without a guilty conscience. Here are a few of my favorite business podcasts:

  • Online Marketing Made Easy(English, by Amy Porterfield)
  • The Internet Marketing Podcast(German, by Björn Tantau)
  • Elise gets crafty(english, by Elise Joy)
  • She Percolates(English, by Jen and Danielle)

Shoot 4th floor photos

I almost always use stock photos from the internet for the pictures in my blog articles. But I shoot the pictures for my Instagram channel myself, and I can do that even when I’m not online. This even has an advantage: This allows me to “batchen”, so summarize the individual steps and save a lot of time. Photos are taken first (if all the props are at hand, it works just fine), then they all work in one go, and then I plan them with the Later tool . To publish I have to press only 2 buttons.

You can also shoot photos when you’re offline – and save time!

5. Take a break

I am always amazed at how many times I forget to take a break in between. Often I do not even notice how fast time passes. Unfortunately, however, with time I have minor clerical errors, which I later have to repair. Therefore, breaks in everyday work are incredibly important and every now and then a longer break does not hurt 😉

6. Brainstorms

Distraction is more important to me when brainstorming than writing blog articles. Most of the time, I usually do not take enough time for this and do it “by the way” or in my spare time and then annoy my husband with all kinds of ideas at the weekend. What could be so brainstorming? Oh, there are some things:

  • Ideas for new blog articles
  • Possible cooperations with other bloggers
  • product ideas
  • Marketing strategies that you could implement
  • Social Media Postings (eg questions that you can ask the followers)

7. Revise / elaborate blog strategy

In the best case scenario, before you start your blog, you’ve come up with a strategy for your blog and written down who your optimal audience is, what problems you solve for them … But I know that blogs are often not started with the intention of making money be, but grow. And then this is a step that is happily left out. And even if you already have a finished blog strategy, it makes sense to question them every now and then and maybe create a new persona. If you need help developing your blog strategy, I’ll assist you when you’re back online with my coaching program “Blog Booster” when creating your strategy 😉

8. Doing sports / stretching exercises

When I’m sitting at the desk for a long time and / or stressed out, I often suffer from tension headaches. This does not necessarily make working easier, so I’ve recently begun actively incorporating stretching exercises into my daily routine. Every time I feel a tension creep up my neck, I do a few exercises. On Youtube there are a lot of anti-tension workouts. On the whole, they all consist of similar exercises, which you can remember quite well after a few times and also can reconstruct offline without instructions. This video is one of MY FAVORITE and it is without equipment or lying on the ground feasible (so perfect if you are in the public transport or sitting with colleagues in the office)!

Are you offline now and then (consciously or involuntarily) taking time for your business and things that you would not otherwise get? And maybe you have another point that I could add to the list?


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