Mini Blog Booster # 9 – How To Make Your Blog More User Friendly

Now after the winters you feel like blogging again? Well then you should make sure that your readers like to visit your blog. Say: let’s make your blog even more user friendly! There are so many ways to improve something. In my blog analysis, I see a few things more often than others – and the most common I have listed here with suggestions for improvement!

With these suggestions you make your blog even more user-friendly!

1. The menu

The menu serves as a guide to your page – so make sure it serves its purpose and is clear! Decide if you want to link to your about page, impressum, etc. or if you want to display your categories as menu items. Both together quickly becomes confusing. One possibility is to add an additional menu in the header area.

2. The categories

And because we’re in categories right now, you should have a maximum of 3-4 main categories! If you do not list them in the menu, they are clearly visible in the sidebar. Either as a simple list or, if you have really many categories, as a drop-down menu (you can do that with the widgets).

If you have more than 3-4 categories, combine several similar topics into one main category!

3. Search

Very important for usability: a search box! Many users come to your blog because they are looking for something specific. Maybe you’ve been looking for a recipe with a particular ingredient from your favorite food blogger? Or have you ever been sent to the homepage of a blog by a Pinterest pin and then had to search for the appropriate pin? Well then you know what I’m talking about 😉

4th sidebar

With time accumulates quite a lot – badges, blog awards, references to blog events, maybe even ads. Take regular time to look through your sidebar to see if everything is up-to-date or if you can not even clear out. Less is more – you can see that in the trend that some blogs have no sidebar at all!

In which area do you need to take action on the blog?

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