Mini Blog Booster # 8 – What is a Call to Action?

When blogging you inevitably stumble over one or the other technical term. And my mini blog boosters are not entirely innocent. One of those terms that I’ve used repeatedly is Call to Action. I’ll explain what that is and why (and how) your blog benefits!


The term “Call to Action” can be translated as “Call to Action”. That’s a bit more understandable, right? More specifically, a call to action is a button, sentence or picture that asks your readers to do something specific – for example leave a comment!


For the call to action to work, it is important that you address your readers directly. Instead of subscribing to the newsletter, you should use the registration form, for example, to subscribe to the newsletter. In most cases, “short and sweet!”

How To Formulate Call To Actions For Your Blog Right:


Theoretically, you can use a call to action for everything. For a blog, the most common * are:

  1. Leave a comment!
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter now!
  3. Look at these articles: (for Related Posts)

But also the request “Buy my e-book” or “Online course book now” you can see on blogs more often. As I said: everything is allowed here!

* I have not written a study about it, but emotionally I dare to say that 😉

These are the 3 most common call to actions on blogs:


At least as important as the wording is the placement, so where is the call to action. For some it is clear: the request to leave a comment comes at the end of the blog article. For others, you can be creative: You can install the newsletter subscription, for example, in the sidebar, under an article or in the footer. Combinations are possible!

The About page

From theory to practice: A predestined place for Call to Actions (which unfortunately is often forgotten) is your about page! At the bottom of the page you can insert a request for newsletter registration or article suggestions. Again, be creative and try out what works!

A very effective but often forgotten place for Call to Actions? The about page!

Which Call to Actions do you use on your blog? And where do you think is the best placement?

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