Mini Blog Booster # 7 – Why and how you should promote other bloggers

Do you occasionally promote other bloggers? So you mention and link them in your blog articles and social media postings? No? Then you should change that! Today’s Mini Blog Booster is all about “Spread the Love” – ​​and I’ll explain why that’s so important!

Spread the Love – that’s why you should promote other bloggers!#miniblogbooster

In the last few years, too much competition has crept into the blogosphere: everyone is trying to get more readers, the better cooperation, to be even better than the other. Which in and of itself is not bad, but one thing is often forgotten: blogging is even more fun by building relationships and it can also help you to make your blog more successful.

That’s why it helps your blog

If you mention a blogger in a blog article positively, do you show her your appreciation for what she does – and who does not enjoy it? You may get more coverage for you because it retweets one of your tweets with the link to the blog article. Or maybe she shares your article on her own Facebook page? Maybe she did not know your blog yet, so she’ll catch your eye and mention you in a blog article! And maybe you have also won a new reader 😉

Inform the blogger!

For that to happen, the blogger needs to know that you mentioned and linked her. That’s why you have to inform her! Maybe your blog will appear as a traffic source in the access statistics, but that will only work if you really send a lot of traffic over. That means you should not rely on that!

The better way: write the blogger directly via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook message or link it in a social media posting.

If you link to other bloggers, then inform them too!#miniblogbooster

How to promote other bloggers

There are no limits to your creativity. Here are a few examples:

  • Write a Weekend Reading List recommending blog articles to your readers
  • Pick up the idea of ​​another blogger and give her your own twist (eg in a recipe, a DiY project or a specific piece of clothing)
  • Take a stand on a specific blog post
  • Interviewe other bloggers

Finally a question for you: Do you promote other bloggers? If so, leave a comment and tell me how!

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