Mini Blog Booster # 5 – How to blog regularly

Editorial calendar

Maybe it’s because I’m a list and planning freak. But my secret weapon when it comes to blogging regularly is an editorial calendar! Many bloggers only keep an idea list of their blog posts, with no fix scheduled release date. But that is what makes it easier for me to blog regularly! So I am “forced” to meet deadlines and deadlines. And even if nobody controls it, I try to keep it.

The secret weapon when it comes to blog regularly? An editorial calendar!

Create a blogging routine

At least as important to me as my editorial calendar: a blogging routine! Or in other words: introduce fixed times for blogging! Maybe you get up an hour early every day, or you reserve a Saturday morning for blogging – once you get used to it, you’ll automatically run to the computer and it’ll go right out if you do not have the time, because something important intervenes.

Fixed blogging times make it easier for you to blog regularly!

A little extra tip: mark the blogging times in your calendar! Especially at the beginning this will help you, so you do not unintentionally make something else;)

Regular columns

Another option that can help you with time management is fixed or regular columns. Here are a few examples:

  • the outfit of the week
  • an interview series
  • Editor’s Picks
  • Etsy darlings
  • Fab Finds / link lists with recommendations for other blog articles
  • Instagram reviews
  • Monthly Goals (What are you doing for this month, what did you achieve in the last month?)
  • Wishlist: Which products do you like most this month?

In the best case, you can produce several episodes at once. So you have more work in one day, but all in all you still save time because you’re already in blogging mode.

Prepare several blog posts at once – then you’re already in blogging mode and save time!

Have fun blogging

And finally, by far the most important factor: have fun blogging! Then it’s like on its own. In other words, do not set unrealistic goals that you can not fulfill and do not compare yourself to other bloggers. Just do your thing – blog your thing 😉 Or to put it in the words of an Inspirational Quote:

Do not compare your beginning with someone else’s middle!#quote #blogging

What are your tricks to blog regularly? Is that important to you, or are you only blogging when the muse kisses you? If you have a question that I should answer in a Mini Blog Booster, then leave a comment!

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