Mini Blog Booster # 4: 3 indispensable (free) social media planning tools

Do you know how much time you spend filling your social media channels? Maybe you have never stopped, but you probably have a hunch that something is coming together. Just as with efficient blogging, there are some tricks for social media as well, as you are faster. One of them is to schedule several postings in advance, so that you do not have to run to the computer every time to search for something that you can share, write text, post, …

Do you know these 3 free tools with which you can plan social media postings?

But of course you need the right tools for that! I’ll show you my favorites today when it comes to scheduling social media postings. And all these tools are free!

Instagram: Latergramme

For Instagram, there are a few (free) tools that post directly because Instagram does not provide the technical prerequisites, the API. There are tools that try to work around that (like ScheduGram ), but they’re all paid.

I use Latergramme , a smartphone and online app where you can upload images, enter the posting text and set a desired date. The pictures are not posted automatically, but you get a notification on your smartphone and have to post manually. I think this “disadvantage” is actually an advantage. Then I can reread texts for errors and write hashtags I forgot (and I always forget one or two)!

Twitter: Buffer

The next social media tool I use to schedule my tweets:  buffer . With this app you can specify when and how many tweets should be sent out during the day. Then you can “buff” tweets for several days, so save them to a list. These are then processed successively. So if you have 3 postings buffered and post just 2 times a day, there is one left for the next day, etc.

I find this service so convenient, because I usually blogs that I read on the weekend and then send out 20 tweets at once. So I can schedule them without much effort distributed over the week!


Properly read, I do not need an extra tool for Facebook! I just use the normal field for status messages on my fan page. Instead of “Publish”, you can click on the arrow to the right of it, select “Schedule” and enter the desired time. You can then view and edit your scheduled posts and change the date of publication.

All-in-one tools

I know I promised you 3 tools, but I just have to get rid of that: There are also free all-in-one tools that allow you to manage multiple social media channels at once. Probably the best known is Hootsuite .

But beware: all-in-one tools often mislead to post the same post on different platforms. Remember that each platform has different requirements! Keyword: character restriction on Twitter …

Leave a comment and tell me: Are you planning social media postings in advance? Which tools do you use for this?

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