Mini Blog Booster # 3: How to Find Other Bloggers

Can you still remember how and when you made friends with other bloggers? Maybe you already knew one or two bloggers in your circle of acquaintances. Or maybe you were the only one who was far and wide? I felt the same way when I started blogging 6 years ago – and at least the next 3 years afterwards 😉

Luckily, there are a lot more bloggers today! Often more than we want to believe 🙂 Nevertheless, it is difficult in the beginning to track down other bloggers. Even if they are sitting right in front of your nose. That’s why I often hear the question: “How do I find other bloggers now?”.

(Why) Do I need other bloggers?

Being in contact with other bloggers – whether they are in the same niche as you – is extremely important because you can motivate each other, exchange questions and help each other. Not to mention that you can make new friends.

Even if you blog longer, it is important to exchange. At some point then come topics such as collaborations, blog moves, … to do so. Being able to discuss these things with someone she’s been through is worth the price of gold!


The easiest way to find other people is now clearly Facebook. Try typing the term “blogging” into the search and you’ll see that there are tons of groups. Here are just a few:


And while we’re on Facebook, the groups are also the perfect place to catch up on blogger gatherings! Often these are announced in the groups! If you do not want to wait that long for one to take place, just organize one yourself. You do not need sponsors or a special program, just reserve a table in a bar and invite other bloggers!

From blogger meetings you can find out about groups in Facebook – or just organize one yourself!

Comments & Email

Actually, it is obvious, but it is often forgotten: if you want to contact a particular blogger (because you like his blog very well, you know that he lives almost around the corner or you want to ask him something that only he or you can answer) then simply write an e-mail or leave a comment!

The easiest way to contact a specific blogger is still via e-mail!

You will usually find the e-mail address on the about page or directly in the sidebar. But do not be impatient if you do not get an answer right away. Often bloggers get so many requests that they can not all answer immediately. And many also use their blog as a hobby and do not read emails every day!

Blogger conferences

Blogger conferences are, in principle, huge blogger meetings that are less frequent, usually once a year. Here are a few Austrian Blogger conferences:

A tip at the end …

… perhaps more important than anything else (well, not quite – but you know what I’m getting at ): if you want to get in touch with other bloggers, make sure you have a photo of yourself on your blog!

Have a photo of you on the blog, if you want to network with other bloggers!

Especially when you write to other bloggers online and you have never met face-to-face before, this can be the first contact fear. Not everyone likes “blind blogging dates” or likes to talk about a phantom online …

Leave a comment and tell me how and where you make up meetings with other bloggers. Do you go to blogger meetings a lot? Or do you rather meet for a coffee chat with one or two other bloggers?

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