Mini Blog Booster # 2: Newsletter Basics for Bloggers

The second Mini Blog Booster is here. This time with a topic that I’m just more busy and that you should also take a closer look at: Newsletter!

That’s right, the topic is quite extensive, but let’s start with Blogger’s Newsletter Basics: why do you need a newsletter? How often should you send it? What should be inside? And with what do you even send him? All this I’ll explain to you in the Mini Blog Booster # 2!

Do I need a newsletter as a blogger? Here you will find the answer and all basics on the topic!

Do I need a newsletter as a blogger?

Yes! And for a very simple reason: most bloggers rely on spreading their blog posts on Facebook. Since it can easily happen that your blog article goes down … Also, you may have heard that Facebook constantly adjusts the newsfeed algorithm and not all your fans really see your posts in their newsfeed.

Not every Facebook fan sees your post, but every email subscriber sees your mail!

It’s different with a newsletter: if a reader subscribes to your newsletter, then he definitely sees it. Unless he lands in the spam folder, but we do not want to assume the worst 😉 Then the first and most important part is already done. There are a few tricks to keep the newsletter open, but that’s the stuff for another mini blog booster.

How often and what do I send in a newsletter?

There are several possibilities here:

  1. Every time you publish a blog post you automatically send out a newsletter. Tools can be found below.
  2. You send once a week an e-mail in which all blog posts of the week are summarized
  3. You send out a newsletter once a month and share the most popular blog articles from your readers with your subscribers.

You can run option 1 and 2 completely automatically, which means you only have to spend 1 time if you set up the newsletter. Option # 3 is a bit more involved, but your readers will notice that you are doing the extra work!

No matter which option you choose: already write the registration form to what your readers can expect from your newsletter!

Newsletter Basic: Explain already at the registration form what your subscribers expect!

Newsletter Tools

There are literally countless ways you can send a newsletter, so the tools in my newsletter basics for bloggers should not be missed! It is important for everyone that you have access to the e-mail addresses if you ever want to switch to another tool or if the service you are using will be discontinued.

Newsletter Basics: Make sure your tool gives you access to your subscribers’ email addresses!

Here are a few examples:

  • Mail Chimp
    My absolute favorite! The newsletter service allows you to burn your newsletter, so to incorporate your logo and your colors. This will allow you to send automatic emails as well as newsletters you have created. Setting up is a bit more complicated than other tools, but you have more options.
  • Mailpoet
    A plugin with which you can create newsletters and automatic notifications directly in the WordPress backend using Drag & Dop Editor.
  • Jetpack
    If you already have the popular WordPress plugin installed you can simply activate the module “Subscriptions”! Then your subscribers will get a message for each email when you publish a blog post.
  • Subscribe 2
    Like Jetpack, send an email to your subscribers each time you write a new article.

Do you already have an e-mail newsletter? Leave a comment and tell me how often and with which tool you send him! And if you do not have one, what is stopping you (still)?

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