Mini Blog Booster # 10 – Pimp your Instagram

Today, in the 10th edition of the Mini Blog Booster (wow, as time goes by!), It’s about the most likely currently popular social media channel among bloggers: Instagram. But no, we’re not a typical “How to get more Followers on Instagram” post. Much better: I’ll give you tips on how to use Instagram for your blog!

This is how you get the most out of Instagram for your blog!#MiniBlogBooster

# 1 – Your pro

Right at the beginning it’s about your profile name, the profile picture and the description. Make sure they are recognizable! Then your readers know that this is the account for your blog and not for anyone else. That’s half the battle 🙂

The most important thing about your Instagram profile? The recognition value! #BloggingTips

# 2 – The link in the profile

From profile to profile – or rather, the link in your profile. You can use that to find out how many people come to a blog. Either you insert a Bitly link that counts the page views. Or you make a diligence task and create an extra landing page on your blog, which comes only on your Instagram profile. Then you can read out the number of page views from Google Analytics!

# 3 – Use Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a free statistics service for Instagram. For example, when you sign up, you’ll see when your followers are online, which are the most popular pictures, or get suggestions on which accounts you could follow. In short: the tool gives you a lot of potential to optimize your Instagram account!

The free tool @iconosquare helps you to optimize your Instagram account!

# 4 – Cliffhanger

Do you know the moment at the end of a TV show when something bad happens and you need to know how to go on? You can do that on Instagram! No, you do not have to do any dramas. For example, with a food blog, you can take a picture of ingredients and let your readers guess what you cooked from them – and present the resolution on your blog. The same thing works for all other types of blogs!

Cliffhangers work not only on TV, but also on Instagram!#BloggingTips

# 5 – Community Building

Many bloggers I work with notice that comments on the blog are becoming rarer – but they explode on Instagram. Use that to build a closer bond with your readers! Post questions under your pictures and reply to comments. This helps with community building!

These were my tips on how you can optimally use Instagram for your blog. Do you have any other strategies for sending readers from Instagram to your blog? Leave a comment and tell me!


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