Mini Blog Booster # 1: 4 embarrassing blogging mistakes you should avoid

Why mini? For bloggers who want to make their blog more than a hobby, I share tips and tricks from all areas that have to do with blogging: technology, strategy, … These tips I share now with you! But in such small bites and so convenient that you can implement them without spending hours in front of the computer;)

But chatting enough, let’s start with the first episode: I’ll tell you which 4 mistakes I keep discovering and how you can avoid them!

You should avoid these 4 embarrassing mistakes when publishing a blog article!

# 1: Spelling mistakes

Small errors add up quickly and companies especially attach great importance to ensuring that their cooperation partners do not make mistakes. Therefore, look for a proofreader who reads about the text above! This can be your sister, your friend, … Your proofreader does not even have to understand anything about the topic you’re blogging about;)

# 2: Wrong links

Especially if you use many links in an article, for example round ups or collages with affiliate links, a typo in one or the other URL can quickly creep in. This is annoying for your readers because you are thrilled with anticipation and then they are faced with an error message. How can you avoid this? Before publishing the blog article, click on “Preview” and try the links all once.

No. 3: lack of social media optimization

How do new readers learn about your blog? Quite likely via social media! That’s why it’s even more important that you optimize your blogs for sharing on social media. That means in plain text: Make a sharing text and also a preview image! That’s the only way you have complete control over what your blog article looks like when shared on Facebook!

Incidentally, the easiest way to set sharing text and images is to use an SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast  !

No. 4: publish too early

This mistake may not be as conspicuous and commonplace, but it can still lead to too much work: you write an article, you want to save in between and accidentally click on “Publish”. This can be pretty bad for several reasons:

  1. Maybe you use a plugin that automatically informs readers about new articles?
  2. If you use Bloglovin then the service will take over the first version of your article and it will be complicated or slow to change or delete the article (you will need to send an email to the Bloglovin team).
  3. Also RSS readers like Feedly take over the first version of your article

So you see, you should avoid this mistake! And how? Quite simply: put a date in the future at the date of publication before you start writing your article (for example, change the year to 2016). If you accidentally click on “Plan” now nothing happens

Which things do you pay attention to before you publish a blog article?

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