MBB # 6 – How to generate traffic for old blog articles

It’s funny: we’re always writing new blog articles, producing new content, and then forget about all the great things we’ve done so far.not just saying, “Oh, I forgot that!” Has that happened to you?

If so, who can blame our readers for reading the last 2-3 blog articles? And it does not matter if you have written “only” 20 or already 200 blog articles!

It’s not that older blogs do not interest anyone – they’re not that easy to find. But that can change! With these 4 simple methods you can generate traffic for old blog articles!

With these 4 methods, older blog articles get more traffic!

Related Posts

At the very beginning a “no brainer” as it is called 🙂 And probably the most convenient way to generate traffic for old blog articles! I’m sure you’ve heard of it and maybe you’re thinking “Eh!” But because she is so important, she must not be missing in this episode: Related Posts.

Related Posts displays similar articles from the archive under each blog post. There are countless plugins that make that possible. My current favorite is Related Posts by Zemanta . Here are a few more:

  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) 
  • Contextual Related Posts
  • Jetpack Related Posts
  • Outbrain
  • LinkWithin
  • Shareaholic 

Generate traffic for old blog articles? Related Posts take over this task for you!

Seasonal sidebar

Maybe you already point to popular blog articles in your sidebar? Then try the whole thing with a different approach: Promote blog articles that fit the current season!

Here are a few examples:

  • New Year’s resolutions in January
  • Valentine’s postings in February
  • Halloween postings in October
  • Barbecue recipes in the summer

But of course there are many more possibilities! You do not have any posts that fit in these categories yet? Then take the opportunity to create one so you can promote it next year;)

Traffic for old blog articles: Use your sidebar for promotion suitable for the season!

Roundup Postings

This idea is similar to the Seasonal Sidebars, but is especially suitable for bloggers who have been blogging for some time. Because if your blog has been around for a few years, then probably not all postings go out in the sidebar. And who has the choice, has the agony …

The Rescue: Roundup Postings! So blog posts in which you summarize several older articles on a topic and link. If you’re a fashion blogger, you can, for example, revive your favorite fall outfits in a post or, as a food blogger, invoke the strawberry season by showing your readers your best recipes.

Traffic for old blog articles: summarize in an article older postings on a topic!

Throwback Thursday

And of course, your social media channels are perfect for promoting older blogs! Share a weekly posting from your archive that you want your readers to see! The hashtag #throwbackthursday is perfect, but of course you can post any day you want;)

Traffic for old blog articles: Use the #ThrowbackThursday on social media!

But there are also plugins (eg Tweetily for Twitter), which partially take over for you. But I’m not too big a fan of it, because then you often have no say in what is shared. That’s why I always schedule my throwback postings manually.

What about you: do you make older articles in the archive or do you promote them actively? Leave a comment and tell me which of these 4 options you want to implement!


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