How To Win Customers Online With Your Blog – Or: The 3 Most Important Employees Of The Self Employed

There are themes that keep coming in my way for a while. Whether on other blogs, in Facebook groups, talking to other people, … Do you know that?
For me these are currently questions in the direction “Can you really sell something with a blog?” Or more specifically: “How do you manage to win customers online with your blog?”.
This was an opportunity to give an insight into the marketing strategy that is built around my blog today. And I’ll show you which other marketing tools I still use, because they are the perfect partners for my blog!
My best employee: my blog
I’m self-employed and working alone, but somehow it feels like I have a few employees. I can rely on one thing in particular: my blog. He’s my employee of the month (every month), my MVP (Most Valuable Player) as you would say in sports, my superhero …
Theoretically, as in any other (larger) company, every employee has his or her job. But I have to confess, in the case of my blog that’s a whole lot:
# 1 build trust
And he does that alone with the fact that it exists. Well, a business card on the web (ie a static website) does. But with a blog, I can go one step further. Through blog articles, testimonials and testimonials, the blog is proof that you really know the subject that you’re blogging about.
# 2 positioning (or stake out your topic)
If you look around my blog and read through the topics I write about, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what I’m familiar with – and what I can share with my clients in blog coaching. I write about blogging, how to promote your blog and make money from it. That’s why I am also addressed on these topics. What I’m not so good at? Design Logos, Influencer Relationship, Build Houses, … and a whole lot more. That’s why I do not write about it, so nobody came up with the idea to ask me about it 😉
# 3 Give a taste
On the one hand to your knowledge, as we have already stated above. On the other hand, on yourself! Especially if you offer a service or a coaching, then you (luckily) do not come around for personal contact. Not only for you, it is important to work with your customers. Also, or especially for your customers, it’s important to know how to tick: are you a sober, rather humorless person who gets down to business straight away? Or are you an esoteric sunshine? One customer prefers one type, others prefer the opposite. Your blog is the perfect place where your customers can meet you and decide if they want to work with you personally!
# 4 Start sales calls and state with previous projects
Are not we all proud of what we achieve every day in working with our customers? At least a bit? Believe me, “indicate” is fully okay – and a great way, how your visitors are aware of you. And no, such contributions do not always have to be voluminous, but can even provide great value for your readers!
Yes, he can do all that. And the great thing is: my blog never goes on holiday, it does not get excited when a lot of people want something from him and he is so patient that he likes to “tell” the same thing hundreds of times a day. A real superhero, so to speak 😉
The Student Jobs: Social Media Channels
Do you know the people waving in pedestrian streets in big cities at the crossroads with a (blinking) sign in their hands or whirling it artfully through the air? Something like this:
Yes, I have one too. Oh, what do I say: I have some of them. And they do not just whirl around a sign, but a lot at the same time. The employees are called Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Yes, I mean my social media channels! And the signs they whirl around are my posts on the channels.
But unlike my blog, they have only one purpose: to make sure that the people who come to them come in contact with my most important employee.
Because that is where the “magic” takes place: building up trust, getting to know each other, discovering my offer, … I have already told you the details above.
The assistant: my e-mail list
The most important person in a company? The chief secretary. The most important person in a doctor’s office? The receptionist. The most important person …
Oh, I think you know what I mean: everywhere there is a person who strengthens or keeps the boss – or in my case my most important employee, so my blog – or free. For me this is my (partly automated) e-mail list.
# 1 It reminds you of my blog
If you are reading this article, then it is very possible that you came here via my newsletter. Sure, my coworker is unbeatable to tell the same anecdote 100 times, to give guidance, … but what helps me, if no one knows?
Probably you look every now and then, if there is something new or my student employees (aka social media channels) make you aware of the blog. But why rely on it, when my assistant has quasi saved you on the speed dial key?
# 2 She welcomes you and leads you around
I hate canteens. Not the food or the atmosphere, but that each one is different. For example, that I never know where to go, how much is included in a particular menu price, or what foods are the absolute highlights.
Well, websites are usually not that complicated, but if you’re on a blog for the first time, you may be overwhelmed. So many blog articles and you have no idea where to start?
On the one hand I have my Start Here – Pages: one for self employed and another for bloggers .
But you never know. Therefore, she has the order from me to show you once again the best articles here on the blog, which you must not miss!
# 3 She does not give up
One of the points that I like so much. Just like the receptionist, who is so persistent and does not let you go to the doctor. Or the sales department, which keeps reminding you that the offer is over soon. My e-mail list will let you know if there is something you can not miss.
Is she doing better than I could be alone? Sure, of course. I confess: I am not a morning person. Therefore, I could never call you at 5 o’clock in the morning and briefly remind you that you can only sign up for a particular online course that day. On the other hand, my e-mail list is not quite as nondescript and it also gets up at 4 o’clock in the morning, if need be.
Would it also be possible without my e-mail list? Of course, but honestly, why make life difficult for you 😉
The big picture – or how I (and you) can sell with the blog
Okay, but how do these 3 elements help you make money now? Quite simply: by combining them.
The most important part for me is the blog and I’m all about directing potential customers to my blog.
Because it lays the foundation for my company, it is the business hub, so to speak, where all the information about my offers, my person, the samples of my work, etc. come together.
It is also the place where visitors can sign up for my e-mail list. And thus for most visitors the first step towards cooperation with me. And from my Google Analytics statistics, I know that just about anyone who signs up for my newsletter has previously viewed at least one blog post.
The fact that my blog is even found, on the one hand come on my social media channels, on the other hand, but also the search engine optimization and to some extent, the networking into play. They make people aware of my blog. The fact that my articles are adjusted to the problems of my target group ensures that people not only see my articles, but also click and land on my blog.
You see, even if the most important part of my blog is sure, they all complement each other.
What is your most important marketing tool that you use to attract customers? Do you have a blog that you use for acquisition or want to use in the future?


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