How To: How to find out how much Instagram traffic your blog really has

Do you know how many Instagram visitors click on the link in your Instagram profile to get to your blog? So how much instgram traffic do you generate? N / A? If you’ve logged in to Google Analytics to find out, I have some comfort for you: it’s not up to you not to find out 😉

Wherever you can find all the other social media channels in Google Analytics, Instagram does not show up. But somehow it would be interesting to find out? Here are 3 ways you can measure this in the future – but because I know that one is more interested in the details and the other is mainly because of the ease and speed of my approach, my methods have different levels of difficulty!

How To: How To Find Out How Many Instagram Traffic Your Blog Has Really

Why should you care?

In my last mini blog booster I gave you tips on how to get the most out of Instagram for your blog. One of these tips was to bring more Instagram traffic to your blog by using Cliffhanger. Maybe you tried that too – but how did you know it worked?

And this is exactly what today’s article will help you: if you have implemented one of the 3 methods, you will always know how many Instagram visitors have come to your blog from the social network. So you can test if cliffhangers work best on your followers or if there might be a better way: excessive use of emoticons for example or the hashtag #linkinprofil or #linkinprofile, …

Oh, and another good reason to use one of the three methods: maybe you are just like me and you are simply interested. I think that alone is reason enough 😉

So, but enough with the theoretical preliminary remarks – here comes the practical part:

Method # 1: Shortlinks – easy & fast

By shortlinks I mean services that allow you to shorten long links to shorter, manageable links. The most well-known examples are Bitly or the Google URL Shortener .

Measure traffic from #instagram? Very easy – with short links!

Here’s how it works: You copy the URL of your blog into the link Shortener and then paste this shortened link into your Instagram profile. And that’s the job done – both Bitly and the Google URL Shortener keep track of how many times the link has been clicked! (Small note: you should use the shortened link only in your Instagram Bio, otherwise you have a wrong result)

Method # 2: Landing page – laborious, but with added value

Create a page that you link only in your Instagram profile! If you have Google Analytics installed, you can then find out how many page views this page has.

Use the link in your #Instagram Bio to showcase the best of your blog!

There is only one point that you need to keep in mind for this method to work: you can only link the landing page to your Instagram account and make sure that it can not be found by search engines. This sounds more complicated than it is, but you only have to select the “noindex” option for the SEO plugin. At Yoast SEO, you do that like this:


However, a landing page has even more advantages than “only” being able to measure the Instagram visitors. You can use it right away to recommend your favorite blog posts or introduce yourself to Instagram users. And if you regularly point to the latest blog posts , you can use the Word Persp plugin’s latest posts shortcode to keep track of the latest post!

Method # 3: Google Analytics Campaigns – Detailed & Advanced

You would rather have all your statistics in one place – namely Google Analytics? But to create an extra page, you currently have no time? Or you want people to be easily directed to your homepage? No problem!

With Google Analytics campaigns you can measure how much Instagram traffic you have!

It is possible to send additional information with a URL (perhaps you have noticed that some URLs contain cryptic strings?). In this case, you need to append the following string 😕 Utm_source = Instagram & utm_medium = Social & utm_campaign = Instagram profile

Effective, but not really pretty. That’s why Link-Shortener (see Method 1) is also a great way to hide the Long string!

How many people come from Instagram can be found in Google Analytics under “Aquisition” -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns. There you will find an entry with the name “Instagram profile”, ie the campaign just created.

Here you can find all the usual features of Google Analytics and you can take a closer look at your visitors from Instagram 😉

Do you know how many Instagram visitors actually get on your blog? Which method do you use?


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