How To: How to create an animated intro for your videos

Since the first Mini Blog Booster issue, I am not only regularly addressed to the content, but also asked again and again how I created the intro. And with the 10th issue coming soon (amazing how fast time goes by!), I’ve created a tutorial for you!

Create an animated intro for your videos? Here is a how-to guide:

That’s what you need for an animated intro

You will probably be pleased to hear that you hardly need any technical knowledge and you do not have to invest money to create such an intro. All I use for this is:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac (you can also use any other presentation software that lets you set animation)
  • Quicktime (or another program that lets you capture the screen)

And then you need an editing program in which you cut the picture and sound together with your video recording.

In 4 steps to your intro

In principle, there are only 4 steps to get your own animated intro:

  1. Creating the layout:
    You insert all the pictures and texts that you want to see on your intro at the end on a presentation slide. (I like to use custom scene elements)
  2. Animation:
    Did you do that, do you take care of the animation? That means you decide with which effects and in which order the pictures “fly in” (and possibly disappear again).
  3. Screen Record:
    When the presentation is ready, start recording the screen, play the presentation and save the screen record.
  4. Cut:
    Now you can load the video into your editing program, deposit it with music (eg from the Youtube Audio Library ) and cut it with the rest of the video.

Do you have an intro for your videos or are you thinking about creating an animated intro? Then leave a comment with the link to it. I’m curious what you make of it!


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