How to Find the Right WordPress Theme

For a reason, there’s a post today on how to find the right WordPress theme for your blog! Again and again, bloggers who have quite euphorically asked for a new theme ask for help when it comes to individualizing and installing. But unfortunately all too often we encounter obstacles together – because often what the blogger thinks and what the theme can do does not fit together. Of course you can do a lot with plugins and code, but with too many plugins the loading time suffers and if there are too many changes, it is often cheaper to buy a new theme.

So what is the point now if you are looking for a new theme? I’ve written down a step-by-step tutorial telling you how I’m doing when I’m looking for a new theme for one of my client projects. It’s so easy to find a theme that suits you and your blog! 😉

A step-by-step guide on how to find the right WordPress Theme

Step 1: Analyze the actual situation

At the beginning it’s all about the question of why you want to have a new theme at all:

  • Do you need a change of scenery?
  • Would you like to have functions that your current theme does not offer?
  • Is your theme simply “out of fashion”?
  • Do you really want to get started and need a theme that looks serious?

Write down what you like about your current theme, eg which graphic elements (logo, social media icons, …), colors, etc. you want to keep with the new design. And also note what has to be different in any case.

Step 2: seek inspiration

I suppose now that you are not only blogging yourself, but also reading blogs. And surely you like one blog visually better than the other? Then choose 5 blogs (I know that’s not many, but that’s enough) and make a list of everything you like about them and why. For example, this list might look like this:

  • the overall picture because it looks tidy
  • the navigation, because it remains even if you scroll down
  • the start page, because several blog articles can be seen at once
  • etc.

Write down all these things on an extra sheet. They should serve you as inspiration, so that you get an idea of ​​what you like and what you do not like. Do not focus too much on it, otherwise you run the risk of copying the design of another blog!

Step 3: Must Have & Nice 2 Have Features

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you can start making a list of features that your new theme definitely needs to have (must have). And also a list of features that would be nice without which you would get along if in doubt (Nice 2 Have). So that you have a clue what features there are, I listed the most common in the checklist. I hope I did not throw too much with technical terms around me, should something be unclear to you, just leave a comment 😉

Step 4: Find themes and match them with your checklist

Before you start looking for a theme, you should set yourself a price range. There are many great free WordPress themes, but I tend to tend to themes that cost a bit. Especially if you have very precise ideas of what it should be able to do. This has the following reasons:

  1. There is a support that answers questions
  2. There are regular updates with new features
  3. Vulnerabilities are fixed quickly
  4. Bug fixes are eliminated
  5. Individual wishes can often be discussed with the theme developers

So, but now to the part that probably takes the most time (but also one of my favorite ones): browsing theme directories! Here are some theme directories & providers that I like to use (affiliate links):

Looking for a new WordPress Theme? How to find the right one:

If you have a few shortlisted themes, then add them to the theme list on the checklist and match the features to your must have and nice 2 have criteria.

Step 5: Install Theme

Once you’ve decided on a theme, all that’s left is to install the theme. Do not forget to make a backup in advance! Better safe than sorry…

So I can help you as a blog coach

Do not worry if the whole process seems too time-consuming for you: As a blog coach, one of my tasks is to help you find a theme that can be used to realize your ideas. And I also like to help you with the installation and customization. The whole thing works like this:

  1. You contact me and we discuss how you imagine your theme
  2. I’m on the search and suggest you 2-3 suitable Themes
  3. You decide on a theme, I install it for you and customize it to your liking

Leave a comment and tell me: Which theme do you currently use on your blog? And how often do you change the design?

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